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Sarthi App by SEBI update

New app by SEBI Saa₹thi/ saarthi, SEBI New Update  SEBI New Sarthi App Update. For the investors, securities and exchange board of india has launched new app, this will provide many important information to investors and traders.  This launching of Saa₹thi  app is to create awareness among investors regarding basic knowledge of securities market. So basically it is  an investor education app.  Sarthi App by SEBI update What we can get in this saarthi app(Saa₹thi): Investors will know about securities market easily In this app. We can get detail explanation of KYC process.  Traders can also know about recent market updates in this app.  We can know about mutual funds. How to trade and how settlement is done.  Investors can know about how to settle any issue related to securities market.  This app will also show latest press release.  What SEBI chairman Ajay Tyagi said about this new sarthi app: “This mobile app is yet another initiative of SEBI with a view to empowering invest

Charam Sukh Kya Hota hai

चरम सुख क्या होता है, कितने प्रकार के होते हैं ये, charam sukh kya hai, इस अवस्था में पहुचने के फायदे क्या है, कैसे पाए चरम सुख ? Charam Sukh Kya Hota hai एक ऐसा विषय जो की जीवन में सबसे जरुरी है परन्तु इसके बारे में बात करने से अधिकतर लोग झिझकते हैं और शर्माते हैं |  जी हाँ ! ये विषय है चरम सुख| जब पुरुष और स्त्री में शारीरिक सम्बन्ध बनता है तो एक अवस्था ऐसी होती है जिसके बारे में वर्णन करना नामुमकिन है, इस अवस्था के सुख को सिर्फ महसूस किया जा सकता है और इसका प्रभाव मानसिक और शारीरिक तौर पे आसानी से देखा जा सकता है | इस लेख में हम जानेंगे कुछ ऐसी अद्भुत बाते जिसे जानके आप आश्चर्य चकित हो जायेंगे | पढ़िए कूगर महिलायें कौन होती है, क्यों बचना चाहिए इनसे ? सबसे पहले जानते हैं की चरम सुख क्या होता है ? शारीरिक सम्बन्ध बनाते समय उत्तेजना की परमोच अवस्था जिसके बाद कुछ और करने की ईच्छा नहीं रहती, उसे चरम सुख की अवस्था कहा जाता है, इस अवस्था में शारीर और मन पूरी तरह से सुखी होने का अहसास दिलाता है | इस उत्तेजना की अवस्था में लिक्विड बाहर निकलता है योनी से और इस अवस्था में कोई भी महिला

How to find perfect Indian life partner

 How Can You Find The Perfect Indian life partner (bride or groom) Online? Are you dreaming to have a Indian life partner and not finding way then don’t worry, here in you can upload your profile and you can become a part of global search. You can also find and get suggestions from time to time for a deserving partner from  How to find perfect Indian life partner Online search for a life partner is increasing day by day and everyone is trying to search for a safe and secure site through which one can find a good, loving and caring life partner, jeevansathi.  There is no doubt that there are several sites online where you can also make search but you can’t ignore for your search because this is total free matrimonial service provider. Here you can upload your profile free and get suggestions free.  Here are some tips to find perfect Indian life partner online of any caste: Don’t make hurry while deciding life partner. First of a

Matrimonial For infertile men and woman

Infertile or sterile woman for marriage, infertile man for marriage, matrimonial for needy people, second marriage proposals. There are many men and woman who are not ready to take responsibilities of children and so they are in search of infertile partner to live life but this is a big problem in this world to open up and show the problem of infertility because of fear of society. There are many men and woman who are separated because of infertility problem.  Separated infertile people are in search of a loving and caring partner but not get success because no one try to open-up easily with their weakness. will free publish the profile of men and woman who are infertile and are interested with the similar partner.  Matrimonial For infertile men and woman Let’s know who are interested in sterile woman or infertile men? There are many single father who want a nice partner to complete family and they are in search of infertile girl or woman, divorcee, widow. T

Challenges in Inter-caste Marriage

Challenges in inter-cast marriage, what points to keep in mind while going for inter-caste marriage?.  When 2 person from different caste fall in love and decide to spend whole life with each other and marry then this comes under inter-cast marriage.  Challenges in Inter-caste Marriage Marriage is a bond between 2 families and so traditional people oppose love marriage and inter-cast marriage because they think that it is not possible to cope with other caste system, rituals, thinking etc. Due to this arrange marriage system is the most popular in India specially.  Inter-cast marriage is increasing day by day but from the point of view of traditional society, it is not as easy as it seems, there are many types of problems which arise in life of couples who go for inter-cast marriage.  Some parents don’t accept other caste life partner.  When any one try to convince parents to perform love marriage or inter-cast marriage then many types of threats are given to boy and girl: Par

Tips To Protect From Online Matrimonial Fraud

 Tips to protect from online matrimonial fraud, how to protect from online matrimony fraud? There are many reasons to find a real life partner but it is never been easy to find a perfect match and this is the reason why people seeking for life partner register themselves in different matrimonial websites.  Tips To Protect From Online Matrimonial Fraud There are different types of matrimonial sites are running in google, some are paid, some are free, some are for 40+, some are for remarriges, some are for widows etc. One can choose matrimony as per need.  If you are looking for an ideal partner then it is necessary to make search very deeply and also it is necessary to publish the biodata in an impressive way.  In these days people are finding best bride and groom from online matrimonial because these have enough data from which one can find perfect soul-mate as per wish.   But there are 2 faces of any thing, one is good and one is bad, so there are some people who use these matrimo

Widow Matrimonial

Widow matrimonial, free search Rich widow for marriage, widow lady for marriage, widow woman, widow girl for marriage, looking widow for marriage, i need widow for marriage. If you are a widow anywhere from india and want to search a life partner then do send your details to publish FREE in this matrimonial site.  Widow Matrimonial Widows are those women who have lost her spouse by death and have not remarried. Everyone wants to live a happy life with someone special person who can share feelings, happiness, sorrows lifelong.  Living life alone is not so easy and so everyone needs a deserving partner to live life smoothly. This website allows every widow to search a partner and also allows other to search you.  Widow can register themselves free of cost in this websites and also search best match for free. Remarriage is a very tough process for everyone and so everyone need a platform where one can search genuine partner.  Here one can find life partner from different religion, cas

Searching Of Life Partner Register Here FREE

 कृपया पूरी वेबसाइट को देखने के लिए वेब वर्शन में देखे  To See Complete Site Plz View Site In WEB VERSION अगर आप अपने लिए जीवन साथी की तलाश में है तो आप अपनी जानकारी फ्री में इस साईट पर प्रकाशित कर सकते हैं |  Searching Of Life Partner Register Here FREE वेरिफिकेशन के बाद आपकी जानकारी को पर प्रकाशित कर दिया जायेगा और आपको ईमेल से सूचित किया जाएगा |  आपको अपनी सारी जानकारी निम्न ईमेल पे भेजना होगी जिसे जांचने के बाद पे प्रकाशित किया जायेगा बिना किसी शुल्क के | Email :: Click To Register yourself Free आपको निम्न जानकारियां भेजना होगा : पूरा नाम : लिंग (लड़का या लड़की ):  वैवाहिक स्थिति : कुंवारा / कुंवारी / तलाकशुदा / विधुर / विधवा : क्या करते हैं : जन्म तारीख (तारीख/महिना/सन ): किस राज्य से हैं : जाती : धर्म : लम्बाई कितनी है : किस देश में हैं : किस शहर में हैं : फ़ोन नंबर : ईमेल : हाल ही का पासपोर्ट फोटो : जीवन साथी को लेके क्या आपकी कोई विशेष ईच्छा है : सारी जानकारियों को अपने ईमेल id से भेजे ,

9 Tips For Secure And Successful Marriage

 कृपया पूरी वेबसाइट को देखने के लिए वेब वर्शन में देखे  To See Complete Site Plz View Site In WEB VERSION 9 Tips For Secure And Successful Marriage, Points to keep in mind while searching life partner in matrimonial sites.  If you are in a search of a nice and caring life partner/jeevansathi then it is necessary to understand your own nature and then only it is possible to find the best match.  9 Tips For Secure And Successful Marriage This is a general thinking of females to have a financial strong life partner but the bitter truth is that after sometime the busyness of life partner become a problem for happy married life.  Money generation needs time and so if anyone is totally engaged in generating money, how can he give you the real time. Money is important but not satisfy you from all angle, it cannot satisfy your emotional need, feeling of love, real physical need.  The fact is that we all need a life partner to spend some personal time, memorable moments but a busy person is

Best Gadgets For Women

 Best GADGETS for women in indian bazars, gifts for ladies, things which can impress a female. is making regular research to provide best to our visitors and in this journey we are presenting best gadgets for females which no one can ignore. These products are amazing and make the life wonderful, not only this all products are world-class and give a different status in society.  Best Gadgets For Women Here everyone can find products which can transform the life and take your living standard to a new height.  Use the best things in life and enjoy this materialistic world.  Get the perfect gift for your beloved, know about the latest gadgets for women, shop the best things online from here, live a stylish life, maintain the beauty digitally. The products which are given here are not useful but super useful. is describing about this product to help our visitors to enjoy the life with best products.  Don’t be traditional by using old products, walk w

9 Life Changing Books

 Inspirational books, motivate yourself, life changing books to live a successful life.  Books are the best friends of us and for decades no one has changed this rule. A good book has power to change the life completely and so every successful person continue the reading habit life long.  9 Life Changing Books In this article we will see the list of inspirational books which are changing the lives of people for decades.  No matter, we are student, professional, businessmen, employer, employee, service provider, house wives etc. These INSPIRATIONAL BOOKS  are beyond our imagination and has power to enhance the rate of success in our life.  These motivational books are available in hindi and English both so anyone can buy these books online and start the changing process now. also assure you that these books are not only change your professional life or career but is also helpful in changing your social life, love life. So grab the rules to make life successful