5 Reasons Of Gaining Weight

5 Reasons Of Gaining Weight, Which factors are helping in gaining fat daily, how to save ourselves from fat.
simple reasons of fat, how to control weight easily
5 weight gaining reasons
Generally people complaint that inspite of taking regular diet, proper exercise weight is increasing. No ways are working and due to this problems arises in life. Here in this article we will see 5 important reasons which are responsible for fat. 
1. Dis-balance of Hormones-
It is very possible that due to imbalance of hormones person is gaining weight, so it is necessary to get proper check-up and then take proper treatment to control weight. In this case all other efforts will not show proper results. 
2. Feeling Bad -
If any one is not feeling bad, always stay in sorrows and stress then it increases special stress hormone known as Cortisol. Increase of this hormone leads to fat. So always try to be happy and avoid negative environment. 
3. Not Taking Proper Sleep-
It is a fact that if we don't take proper sleep then stress increase, happiness goes. With this result stress hormone start increasing and then increase the fat in body. 
4. Unhealthy Digestive System-
It is also a very important reason of gaining weight. In the absence of healthy digestive system person is unable to digest the food and so increase in toxins takes place. So also person gains weight. 
5. Improper Diet As Per The Age-
It is necessary to keep control on diet as per age and also to take best diet to keep ourselves healthy. If we take unhealthy food then it helps in increasing toxins and fat in body which also increases weight.

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Tips To Control Weight-
5 Reasons Of Gaining Weight, Which factors are helping in gaining fat daily, how to save ourselves from fat.

  1. Make a habit to go for morning walk and specially walk on garden on grass without shoes or sleeper at the time of sunrise, it will keep you fresh and energetic. It will make your mood, mind in a good state.
  2. Drink warm water or lemon juice in the morning just after getting up.
  3. Avoid fast food, oily food, spicy food, salty food to control weight. 
  4. Avoid living in negative environment which increases stress.
  5. Eat healthy and fresh food, fruits, vegetables.
  6. Drink plenty of water as per need of body. 
  7. Get fresh time to time, don't stop the pressure of any kind otherwise toxins will increase in body. 
  8. Do proper exercise and yoga daily. 
  9. Wear Ranga Ring which help in controlling weight.
So here 5 important reasons of gaining weight and free tips to control weight are given, hope every one will get benefit of it. 

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5 Reasons Of Gaining Weight, Which factors are helping in gaining fat daily, how to save ourselves from fat.