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Franchise of Computer Center

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best franchise provider in India to open computer center
Franchise of Computer Center

If you are in search of "Franchise of computer center" to start your own new computer education center then here is one of the best opportunity by Akhil Bhartiya Computer ShikshaAbhiyan(ABCSA).

Key Features Of ABCSA:

If you take Franchise of ABCSA then you will be able to take following benefits -
  • You can be a part of ISO certified institution. 
  • You can be a part of Institution which is Regd. under Govt. Of India, NCT Delhi. 
  • You can run job oriented courses at your own center. 
  • You can get online website support. 
  • Your students can get advantage of 24 hours online material.
  •  Lowest fees structures.
  • Lowest franchise fees.
  • Globally recognised Certification.
Open your new computer education center by taking "Franchise of computer center" any where in India. 
Take affiliation of ABCSA to certified your students. 
Start your career in Information technology field.
Start earning by teaching computer subjects.
Generate professionals and enter in the world of learning and earning life long.

Visit ABCSA Now

Franchise of computer center to start new computer center anywhere in India, franchise of ISO certified institution to run computer courses, franchise to open authorized computer center anywhere in India.

Numerologist in Ujjain

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Numerologist in Ujjain, astrologer, palmist, vastu consultant, ank jyotish in Ujjain. 

Are you looking for an best numerologist and astrologer who can guide you better for your life, business, love marriage, health etc. then you are welcome to know about a famous astrologer and numerologist in Ujjain(Dr.Om Prakash).
numerologist in ujjain, ank jyotish, astrologer
numerologist in ujjain

He is doing research in astrology, vastu, numerology, palmistry for the last 18+ years and serving people worldwide online.
Get best Numerologist Service in Ujjain from Dr. Om Prakash.

Numerologist Services In Ujjain

Numerology is a science of number reading in a specific way to reveal the life and to find out the ways to use the numbers to make life successful.
Numerology analysis by renowned numerologist in Ujjain will definitely give you a deep knowledge of your life and also help to make your life wonderful.
Numerology Compatibility Reading Services in Ujjain will help you to take decision about your marriage. Compatible partner is good for healthy life, prosperous life, romantic life. Get the report which will give your in-depth about your partner. 

Contact "Numerologist in Ujjain" For Following Services:

  • Lucky Numbers predictions.
  • Lucky Name Correction
  • Compatibility Reading For Marriage
  • Lucky Baby Names
  • Lucky colors reading
  • Lucky dates
  •  Lucky Gems stones
  • Lucky days
  • Lucky months
  • Vastu Remedies
  • Malefic planets remedies.
Numerology reading can reveal many important points about life and also tells about, how to make life successful.

Consult online NUMEROLOGIST IN UJJAIN, from anywhere in world for the health reading and remedies, love life reading and remedies, career predictions, marriage predictions, business predictions etc. and know the secrets of numbers in life.

By giving the correct birth details you can get the accurate predictions related to different subjects of life from best numerologist in ujjain. Get the online TRUSTED SERVICES without any hesitation.

  1. Know about how planets are affecting your personal life?
  2. Know about how stars are changing your career?
  3. Know about how by changing name, numbers, we can change our life?
  4. Know the hurdles of your life and their solutions in numerology by "Numerologist in ujjain".
  5. Get the details of your love life, marriage life,Romantic life and the ways to make life wonderful.

Numerologist in Ujjain, astrologer, palmist, vastu consultant, ank jyotish in Ujjain.

On Body Monitoring System

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What is meant by on body monitoring system?, how it works, benefits of on body monitoring devices, Is it good to use these health devices, free knowledge about latest medical technology devices.
Technology is changing continuously and due to this in every field we are finding good changes in life. Now because of technology life is getting easy so it is necessary to use the devices to live life perfectly without worries.

In medical field also good developments are done which are helping the people very much. In this field "On body monitoring systems" are showing magical performance. Now the question is that what is this on body monitoring devices. General people are not aware about this device due to which we are not able to take the benefits of these devices.

In Simple Language these devices are wearable health devices which work on nano technology. These are used to collect real time data We can also called them body guardian which take care of our body. These devices are used for weight management, calorie management, sleeping monitoring, awareness about different activity going on within the body.

So if you have doubt that something wrong is going on within and continuous observation is needed then in this case these devices are for you. As per the need one can use these devices.

Let's Know About Some Hi-Tech Wearable Devices :

  1. 1. On body monitoring system for elbow-This device collect information related to humidity and activities going on within body. By using this device one can able to take decision related to calorie management, sleeping management. Clinically this device is used very much in the field of weight management.
  2. Performance monitor for Chest- This is used to collect various data from body so as to make wellness program for body. It is generally used for various researches related to health.
  3. Wearable activity tracker for ear-It keep an eye on exercise and work out and aware the person about heart beats. This is used widely for maintaining the breathing for healthy mind and heart.
  4. Google Glasses For Eyes-It creates the artificial atmosphere and motivate the user to do proper exercises.
  5. Blood pressure wrist monitor-This keep an eye on blood pressure, pulse rate. It is very beneficial for the heart patients.
  6. Continuous glucose monitor for waist-This device inform the user regularly about the percentage of glucose in body. This is actually very good for the diabetic patients.
  7. Ingestible Sensors For Stomach-This tells the user about medication, activity , when and how to take rest. This is a real time informative device. It gives the real time data to doctor to treat any person.
  8. Heart monitor-It is used to do research on heart.
  9. Insulin Pump-It is a very good medium to supply insulin in body as per the program done in device. It shows the glucose level and maintain the insulin. This device is very good for diabetic patients.
It is always good to use the latest technology for living a healthy life, so do read about latest developments in various fields and make life powerful, better and fruitful.

What is meant by on body monitoring system?, how it works, benefits of on body monitoring devices, Is it good to use these health devices, free knowledge about latest medical technology devices.

Game Changer super-hit movie

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Presenting South Indian Movies Dubbed In Hindi Full Movie 2019 New, "GAME CHANGER" starring Anushka Shetty, Unni Mukundan, Jayaram & Asha Sarath. Exclusively on AD-WISE MEDIA ACTION MOVIEPLEX.

This is a really one of the best movie in which you can't predict what will happen at end. At the starting time we can find a horror scene but don't loose a single scene to enjoy the end of this movie "Game changer.".

hindi dubbed movie game changer online 2019
watch online game changer in hindi

Game Changer super-hit movie online

One Day Justice Delievered Full Movie

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Justice delivered Full Movie in hd

This movie is an story of a judge who was compelled by law to take wrong decision but after retirement, he start punishing the criminals. 

Watch the marvelous presentation of Anupamkher in this film.

anupam kher new movie
click to watch justice delievered

This is one of the best bollywood movie of Anupam kher.

Batla House Full Movie

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Batla House Full Movie, new movie of john abraham.

If you are waiting to watch the 2019 new movie of john abraham (Batla house) then here is the end of your patience.
Great performance by super hero john abraham in this new movie. 
watch online batla house of john abraham
watch batla house
This is an Indian Hindi-language action thriller film written by Ritesh Shah and directed by Nikkhil Advani. Inspired by the real encounter case that took place in 2008, the film stars John Abraham. His character Sanjay Kumar is inspired by Sanjeev Kumar Yadav, the police officer who played a crucial role in the encounter. 

Star cast Of Batla House Movie:

  • John Abraham as ACP Sanjay Kumar Yadav
  • Mrunal Thakur as Nandita Kumar
  • Ravi Kishan as Inspector Kishan Kumar "KK" Verma
  • Faizan Khan as Javed
  • Niranjan Jadhao as Sadiq
  • Chirag Katrecha as Zia
  • Yatharth Kansal as Arif
  • Manish Chaudhary as Police Commissioner Jaivir
  • Rajesh Sharma as Defense Lawyer Shailesh Arya
  • Sonam Arora as Shweta Verma
  • Sahidur Rahman as Dilshad Ahmed
  • Kranti Prakash Jha as Adil Ameen
  • Alok Pandey as Tufail
  • Utkarsh Rai as Judge
  • Nora Fatehi as Huma / Victoria (extended cameo) [special appearance in song "O Saki Saki"]
Batla House Full Movie, new movie of john abraham.

10 Mysterios Tekarmples of Rajasthan

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10 mysterious temples of Rajasthan, Spiritual places of Rajasthan, Mystery of 10 temples of Rajasthan Astrologer views.

Tour of Rajasthan is remarkable. If we visit Rajasthan then many mysteries of history will reveal it self. People from all world every year come to Rajasthan to visit the famous places. Here i am providing some mysterious temple list which will definitely increase your knowledge. 

1. Brahmani Mata Temple Of Sorsan, Rajasthan:

World famous Brahmani mata temple is present in Sorsan Rajastahan, Distance from Baran District is 20 kilometer approx. Important thing is that for about 550 years akhand Jyoti is fulfilling wishesh of devotees here.
brahmani temple in rajasthan
brahmani temple
  • A big fair on Shivratri held here every year.
  • Statue of Mataji is placed under a Cave. 
  • This place is a famous shaktipeeth. 
  • The temple is present inside an old Fort. 

2. Sheetla Mata Mandir of Chaksu, Rajasthan:

sheetlamata temple chaksu
  • It is said that Sheetla mata is the goddess of Smallpox(Chechak) disease. Here the worship is done of broken statue of goddess. 
  • A great fair held here in the month of Chaitra every year. 
  • It is present in Jaipur kota road and about 40 kilometers from Jaipur. 

3.  Karnimata Temple of Bikaner Jaipur, Rajasthan:

bikaner rat temple
karni mata temple
It is said that karni mata is the incarnation of goddess durgaji. The most attracting things about this temple is that it is also called the temple of rat. In the premises of temple you will find the thousands of rats wandering here and there without any fear. Devotees offer prasad to them and they accept it.

4. Ganesha Temple of Ranthambore:

ganesh temple in ranthambore
ganesh temple ranthambore
  • The main thing about this temple is that here lord Ganesha is worshiped with his three eyes. 
  • It is present in the fort of ranthambore.
  • It is about 12 kilometers from Sawaimadhopur. 
  • On ganesh chaturthi fair type environment is created due to mob of devotees. 

5. Jain Temple of Chandkheri Near Jhalawar, Rajasthan:

jain temple
jan temple chandkheri
Here the main temple is underground. Here a very rare statue of lord adinath is present. This statue is made of red stone. 
It's height is 6.25 feet. 
There is mystery that just in the back of statue there is a idol of lord chandraprabhu made by jewels which is now closed by walls. It is situated nearby a small river. 

6. Jain Temple of Ranakpur:

The world famous jain temple of ranakpur is nearby Udaipur and is famous for its marvelous architecture. 1444 marbles pillars with miraculous arts. It is also said that in every pillar we can see the image of lord Rishabhdevji.

7. Gogaji Temple at Gogamedi, Hanumangarh, Rajasthan:

gogaji temple in rajasthan
gogaji temple rajasthan

  • It looks like a dargah but it is not, This is a temple, Here the pujaris are Muslims but no body has said that they are kaafir. 
  • This temple is said to be 950 years old. 
  • This is the temple of Gogaji maharaj who is worshiped both of Hindu and Muslims. 
  • It is said that if any one is bitten by snake than by reciting the name of gogaji, person gets relief.
  • In the month of bhadrapad a fair held here in which thousands of devotees comes and worship.
  • A marvelous place which shows the unity of Hindu and Muslims. 

8. Shreenathji Temple of Nathdwara, Rajasthan:

nathdwara shreenathji
shreenathji temple
It is located at about 48 kilometers North east from Udaipur city. A world famous place where devotees come and get the blessings of god shreenathji. It is said that till now the shringaar is done by a Muslim family for the decades. Shreenathji fulfill the wishes of devotees easily.

9. Charbhuja Temple At Merta, Rajasthan:

rajasthan charbhuja temple
charbhuja temple merta

Merta is a very famous place because of Meera Bai Birth place who was a famous poetess, princess and saint. She was the great devotee of lord krishna and 24 hours remain in the worship of lord krishna. Her poems are recited by devotees of krishna heartily. In the memory f Meera Bai this charbhuja mandir was made which is very famous. The main thing about this temple is that the first bhog of this temple is offer to a cobbler family.

10. Devsomnath Temple of Dungarpur, Rajasthan:

devsomnath temple,rajasthan
devsomnath temple, dungarpur
It is situated near bank of Som river. It is 25 kilometers away from dungarpur.The main thing about this temple is that it is made by using stones only. No cement, lime or sand is used to build this temple. Stones are arranged in such a way that they formed a shape of temple and till now is standing. A miraculous architecture. Here i have given 10 important temples details of Rajasthan. Please write your views with your comments if you like this article. 

10 mysterious temples of Rajasthan, Spiritual places of Rajasthan, Mystery of 10 temples of Rajasthan Astrologer views.

Kanyakumari | Place For Peace

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Kanyakumari | Place For Peace , Visiting Points of Kanyakumari-Swami Vivekananda Rock,Sant Tiruwalluwar,Gandhi Smarak, 

At the south border of India a great spiritual place is present and i.e. 'KANYAKUMARI'. This is a famous tourist and spiritual place where the people from world over come to energize them selves. This is a miraculous place surrounded by 3 Ocean Hind Mahasagar on South, Arab sagar on West and Bangal ki khadi on East. The peace of this place and the sunset view of kanya kumari are attracting the people from world over for the decades. You can easily get the treasure of sea here like shankh, sipis, kaudis etc.
visiting places of kanyakumari
kanyakumari tour guide

Some Important Things About KanyaKumari:

The Main thing about the sunset is that you can view sunset from 15th  October to 15th of March. On the 'FullMoonDay' You can see the miracle here. The nature of sea changes here on full moon day. You can see the sunset and Moon rise about at the same time here. 

Visiting Points of Kanyakumari:

  1. Swami Vivekananda Rock- 
    Swami Vivekananda Rock
    rock of vivekananda
    In the year 1892 Swami Vivekananda came to kanyakumari and meditated here in a twin rock. The whole mandapam is made as like the shri ramkrishna temple of bailur. Its Entry gate design is just like the ajanta elora caves design. The Rock where swami vivekananda meditated has the mythological significance too. It is also known as 'shreepaad paraai'. It is said that goddess Kumari has done Penance( तपस्या ) here.This may be one of the reason of why vivekananda meditated here for long time. In the main room of this monument there is a copper statue of Swami Vivekananda. There is a 'Dhyan Mandapam' room near by hall on this monument where devotees meditates. This Rock is 200 meter away from sea coast and Steamer are available to reach here from 8 am to 4 pm daily.
  2. Sant Tiruwalluwar: 
    Sant Tiruwalluwar statue in kanyakumari
    statue of sant tiruwalluwar
    In the 2nd Rock there is a statue of famous poet of tamil Tiruwalluwar. He composed the famous 'tirukural'. This is considered the veda of Tamil. He has written the poems in 38 section related with religion, that's why the height of the peeth here is 38 feet and the total no. of section in poems related with A'rth' and 'kaama' is 95 that's why the height of the statue is 95 feet. 
  3. Gandhi Smarak: 
    gandhi smarak in india
    gandhi smarak
    In a short walk there is gandhi smarak. Mahatma gandhi came in Kanyakumari in the year 925 and 1937. This monument is made as per the Odisha vastu art. The Urn (अस्थि कलश ) of mahatama gandhi was kept here before immersing on 12th february 1948. Every here on 2nd October right at 12 Sunrays strike the place where the Urn of gandhiji was kept. Isn't it a miracle. 
So visit Kanyakumari for peace, to see the miraculous vastu art, to feel the spiritual energy, to see the sangam of 3 ocean and to see the memories of great saint swami vivekananda.

Kanyakumari | Place For Peace , Visiting Points of Kanyakumari-Swami Vivekananda Rock,Sant Tiruwalluwar,Gandhi Smarak

Spiritual And Religious Places of India

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Incredible visiting places of India, magical places of India

India has always been a spiritual guru of the world. The reason behind this is the birth of saints and yogis in different part of India and also the holy books were written by them before many centuries ago. These holy books are showing the way to live a successful life in this present era too.
religious visiting places in india
Spiritual And Religious Places of India

Many magical and spiritual incidents took place in India which are creating excitement in the mind of people of the world and due to this people from all over the world comes to India to see the proof of that incidents.
There are many sacred places in India where people find peace and power to live a good life also these places are very good for yoga practice and to do other spiritual exercises.

Now we will get the knowledge of some very interesting and powerful places of India which are spreading the fragrance of spirituality for the decades :


  1. Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh
  2. Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh
  3. Mathura, Uttar Pradesh
  4. Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh
  5. Govardhan , Uttar Pradesh
  6. Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh
  7. Amarnath Temple, Jammu & Kashmir
  8. Kheer Bhawani, J & K
  9. Badrinath Temple, Uttarakhand
  10. Haridwar, Uttarakhand
  11. Kedarnath, Uttarakhand
  12. Rishikesh, Uttarakhand
  13. Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand
  14. Vasishnodevi, Uttarakhand
  15. Chamundadevi, Himachal Pradesh
  16. Chintapurni Maa, Himachal Pradesh
  17. Jwala Devi,Himachal Pradesh
  18. Karni Mata Temple, Rajasthan
  19. Mehandipur Balaji, Rajasthan
  20. Pushkar, Rajasthan


  1. Amaravati, Andhra Pradesh
  2. Guruvayoor Temple, Kerala
  3. Kalpathy Temple, Kerala
  4. Sabarimala Temple, Kerala
  5. Kanchipuram, Tamilnadu
  6. Kanyakumari, Tamilnadu
  7. Rameshwaram, Tamilnadu
  8. Meenakshi Temple, Madurai
  9. Mahabalipuram, Chennai
  10. Tirupati Balaji, Tirumala
  11. Udupi, Karnataka
  12. Thousand pillar temple, Warrangle


  1. Agni Mandir in Kolkata
  2. Dakshineshwar in Kolkata
  3. Asvakranta Temple in Assam
  4. Kamakhya Temple in Assam
  5. Navagrah Temple in Assam
  6. Surya pahar temple in assam
  7. Hayagriva Temple in Assam
  8. jagganathpuri in Orissa
  9. Konark Sun Temple in Orissa
  10. Lingaraja Temple in Orissa
  11. Vetal Deul Temple in Orissa
  12. Shiv temple in umananda


  1. Sai Baba Temple of Shirdi, Maharashtra
  2. Pandharpur in Maharashtra
  3. Ancient Shani Temple in Shanishingnapur, Maharashtra
  4. Trambkeshwar Temple in Maharashtra
  5. Somnath Temple in Gujrat
  6. Dwarka in Gujrat


  1. Mahakaleshwar Temple in ujjain, Madhya Pradesh
  2. KaalBhairav Temple in Ujjain Madhya Pradesh
  3. Harsiddhi shaktipeeth in ujjain, Madhya Pradesh
  4. Onkareshwar Temple in Onkareshwar, Madhya Pradesh
  5. Bhojeshwar Temple in Madhya Pradesh
  6. Khajuraho Temple in Madhya Pradesh

Incredible visiting places of India, magical places of India, Religious or Spiritual places of south India, Spiritual or religious places of North India, Spiritual places of India, Visiting places of India.

Talent Hunt Contest For and ITI

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Talent Hunt Contest For and ITI, promotion by indian bazar
online Talent Hunt Contest For and ITI

If you are an Btech. and ITI and want to do any professional course with 100% job assurance then no doubt SIAT kota is one of the best institute. 
Now the biggest announcement is that SIAT kota is arranging an "ONLINE TALENT HUNT CONTEST"  in which they are giving cash reward and also if anyone join courses then they will get discount. 

Lets See some important features of this Talent hunt program:

  • This contest will be on 13th october, 2019, Sunday at 11 a.m.
  • Last date of registration is 11th october.
  • Registration is free. 
  • Only diploma and ITI students can take part in this contest. 
  • Join 100% job oriented technical training program and secure your future with SIAT Kota. 

Don't miss this chance to check your talent and also don't miss this chance to enter in a professional environment in kota. Many have got jobs after completing the professional courses from "Smart Institute of Advanced Technology, kota".
talent hunt and professional courses by sitat kota in indian bazar
siat contest online

online Talent Hunt Contest For and ITI

Google Translator Toolkit to be shut down on December 4, 2019

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Google Translator Toolkit to be shut down on December 4, 2019
google tool kit will shut down
google toolkit news update

If you are using Google Translator Toolkit launched over a decade ago then now this is the time to take your data from it as google is shutting down this service on 4th december 2019.

Google has sent this message to its users that When we first launched, there were few web-based options for translation editors, but now there are many great tools available, including Google Translate, which will continue to be available and is unaffected by this. As a result, we've seen declining usage for Translator Toolkit over the past few years. So now, after many years and billions of words translated, we're saying goodbye to Translator Toolkit. A warm thank you to our users around the world.

Download your data

Prior to the shutdown on December 4, 2019, your data can be downloaded directly in Translator Toolkit (see how). Shortly after shutdown, you can download all of your data at Google Takeout.
Delete, share, or unshare your data
If you would like to share or unshare your data, this can be done prior to shutdown directly in Translator Toolkit (see how).
To delete data that you own in Translator Toolkit, simply select the Glossaries, Translation Memories, or Translations you would like to delete and click Delete. For Translations, you also need to click Trash, select translations, and click Empty trash.
Thank you for supporting Translator Toolkit over the years. To learn more, visit our Help Center.
The Google Translator Toolkit team

Google Translator Toolkit to be shut down on December 4, 2019

Spy Kids Movie Online

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If you are fond of watching fiction movie or kids movie then no doubt this film will entertain you the most.

Full of comedy, clean film and absolutely for kids and for people who have heart like kids. Enjoy this movie online based on spy theme.

hindi dubbed hollywood kids movie, spy kids in hd
watch online on youtube, spy kids
Best kids spy movie of hollywood online for watch in hd. 

Taxi No.3 Hindi Dubbed Full Movie

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Watch online hindi dubbed Hollywood movie Taxi 3 in hd, full screen.

watch in hd taxi 3 full movie
watch online movie