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Janmashtmi date and tips for success

when is Krishna Janmashtmi 2022, planetary positions during krishna birthday celebration, astrology significance and what to do for success,  How to perform janmashtami pooja at home? If you are devotee of lord krishna then you must know about the janmashtmi festival which is popular all over the world. Specially in ISKON temples this festival is celebrated with great excitement. This is the day when lord krishna took birth in this earth to protect saints, devotees from negative energies, to establish dharama, to show right path to humanbeings. In the year 2022 ashtmi tithi will start at 9:22 PM on 18th of august and remain till 11:09 PM of 19th of august. Janmashtmi date and tips for success Krishna is believed to be the incarnation of lord vishnu and this divine process of taking birth took place in the midnight of Ashtmi tithi of bhadrapad month in rohini nakshatra. as per hindu calender. Celebration Of krishna Janmashtmi: This is the day for which devotees of krishna waite

Kamika Ekadashi to remove problems of life

When is kamika ekadashi 2022 , what to do on this day, how to worship, Story of kamika ekadashi. The eleventh day of Shravan month krishn paksh is known as Kamika Ekadashi and it holds a lot of importance. In 2022 Kamika Ekadashi is on Sunday 24th July. The ekadashi tithi will start at 11:28 AM on 23rd of july and remain till 1:46 PM on 25th of july 2022. Kamika Ekadashi to remove problems of life Let us know what are the benefits of fasting on kamika ekadashi: On this day, those who worship Lord Vishnu and observe fast, they get more virtuous results than bathing in the river Ganga. Those who cannot donate cow, if they observe this fast, then they get the fruit of cow donation. The ancestors are also pleased by worshiping Lord Vishnu on Kamika Ekadashi. Even the snake gods are pleased by fasting on this day. Many doshas present in the horoscope can be pacified only by fasting and worshiping on Kamika Ekadashi. This day is also very important for those who want to move on the sp