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Transferred money to wrong account what to do

What to do if fund Transferred to the Wrong Account?, क्या करें अगर गलती से पैसा किसी और खाता में चला गया हो ?, rules of RBI to get our money back. In this digital age we perform most of our transactions digitally through NEFT/IMPS/UPI etc. Sometimes it is possible that by mistake we transferred money in any other account. So in this article we will know that = how to recover our money from other account? What are the rules of RBI to get our money back? What steps to follow to get our money back from other account? First of all don’t worry about your mistakes because no one can use your fund without your permission.  But you have to go through long procedures which may disturb you so it is good to take some precautions before doing any big transaction. Transferred money to wrong account what to do हिंदी में पढ़िए क्या करें अगर गलती से दुसरे के खाते में पैसा चला गया हो ? Here are some tips to keep in mind before making digital payment: Check the account number twice before sub

List of bollywood ITEM songs

List of top rated item songs of bollywood, best sensual songs to enjoy with friends and colleagues, party songs, list of spicy songs for mood changing.  Bollywood is famous for item songs, these are actually mood changer and activate us. So to enjoy party with beloved, friends or personal time we can listen and watch videos of these songs.  The actor and actress who perform dance in these sensual songs are also very capable to make the songs more spicy.  choose best item song from list Without item songs we cannot image any bollywood movie.  These sensual songs have great seducing power and so are liked by every age group.  Sensual and spicy songs are being part of bollywood for decades and are evergreen. Everyone enjoy these songs to increase temperature and to change mood, to enjoy party and to spend spicy moments with partner.  These item number songs are easily catch the attraction of people and so become popular easily.  These spicy songs are accompanied by fascinating dance a