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Transferred money to wrong account what to do

What to do if fund Transferred to the Wrong Account?, क्या करें अगर गलती से पैसा किसी और खाता में चला गया हो ?, rules of RBI to get our money back. In this digital age we perform most of our transactions digitally through NEFT/IMPS/UPI etc. Sometimes it is possible that by mistake we transferred money in any other account. So in this article we will know that = how to recover our money from other account? What are the rules of RBI to get our money back? What steps to follow to get our money back from other account? First of all don’t worry about your mistakes because no one can use your fund without your permission.  But you have to go through long procedures which may disturb you so it is good to take some precautions before doing any big transaction. Transferred money to wrong account what to do हिंदी में पढ़िए क्या करें अगर गलती से दुसरे के खाते में पैसा चला गया हो ? Here are some tips to keep in mind before making digital payment: Check the account number twice before sub

Moon Light Lamp For Bedroom

Moon light lamp for bedroom, best deals on moon light, moon light lamp with photo, moon light lamp amazon, price of moon light in india. A bedroom is a place where we energized ourselves, we enjoy our personal time with beloved and so it is said bedroom must be comfortable.  We can also say that a bedroom is a private room which is used for sleeping, for relaxing, for energizing.  Here we will see some best quality moon light lamp which will make your bed room unique and you will definitely enjoy your entry in bedroom, sleeping in bedroom.  Moon Light Lamp For Bedroom पढ़िए चरम सुख क्या होता है ? Before moving further let’s check answers of some important questions: What are moon lamps? These are lamps which are used in night to make the environment just like moon night. These are portable lamps and provide a unique environment to enjoy night life.  What are the benefits of a moon lamp? Moon light lamps are made in a way to create a soothing environment in the room. Th

Best mamaearth products online

Explore best-selling safe, natural, and 100% toxin-free baby and beauty products from Mamaearth. Get amazing deals and start your toxin-free skin, hair, and baby care journey. We can buy from onion range, vitamin c range, ubtan, winter care, color care, hair health products, skin caring products etc. online at best price.  Best mamaearth products online   Q1. Is Mamaearth an Indian brand?+ The Mamaearth company is an Indian brand and is based out of Gurugram, Haryana. It was founded by Varun and Ghazal Alagh in 2016 to provide toxin-free, natural baby care, skincare, haircare products, and more for babies and everyone else. Q2. Are Mamaearth products safe?+ Happy to share, Mamaearth is the only “Made Safe”* certified toxin free brand in India which is free of all known toxins which are banned in most countries. More importantly, more than just a brand, we make our products out of love and care. We use what we sell on our own baby. Q3. Is Mamaearth good for skin?+

Best Gadgets For Women

 Best GADGETS for women in indian bazars, gifts for ladies, things which can impress a female. is making regular research to provide best to our visitors and in this journey we are presenting best gadgets for females which no one can ignore. These products are amazing and make the life wonderful, not only this all products are world-class and give a different status in society.  Best Gadgets For Women Here everyone can find products which can transform the life and take your living standard to a new height.  Use the best things in life and enjoy this materialistic world.  Get the perfect gift for your beloved, know about the latest gadgets for women, shop the best things online from here, live a stylish life, maintain the beauty digitally. The products which are given here are not useful but super useful. is describing about this product to help our visitors to enjoy the life with best products.  Don’t be traditional by using old products, walk w

9 Life Changing Books

 Inspirational books, motivate yourself, life changing books to live a successful life.  Books are the best friends of us and for decades no one has changed this rule. A good book has power to change the life completely and so every successful person continue the reading habit life long.  9 Life Changing Books In this article we will see the list of inspirational books which are changing the lives of people for decades.  No matter, we are student, professional, businessmen, employer, employee, service provider, house wives etc. These INSPIRATIONAL BOOKS  are beyond our imagination and has power to enhance the rate of success in our life.  These motivational books are available in hindi and English both so anyone can buy these books online and start the changing process now. also assure you that these books are not only change your professional life or career but is also helpful in changing your social life, love life. So grab the rules to make life successful

What is ethical hacking and how to become

What is the meaning of ethical hacking?, buy online best books on hacking, is ethical hacking good, Laws related to hacking.  TABLE OF CONTENTS What is ethical hacking? What are the duties of ethical hackers?/ what are the roles of ethical hackers? What skills one need to become certified ethical hacker? Books of ethical hacking . law related to ethical hacking. What is ethical hacking and how to become What is ethical hacking? To enter in others system by taking permission of owner is called ethical hacking. In this actually ethical hackers try to find out the loop holes in system, application or program. Ethical hacking actually helps to build a sound system or program to save from black hackers.  Ethical hacking is used to make security more powerful.  With the increase of digital work, some negative minded IT professionals are using their programming knowledge to enter in other system without permission to gather data, this is known as malicious hacking which is illegal.  So