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kaise jite vishwas apne saathi ka

Shaadi ke baad पहली बार किन बातो का ध्यान रखे, कैसे जीते अपने जीवन साथी का विश्वास,  जानिए बेहद ख़ास बाते सुखी वैवाहिक जीवन के लिए | शादी एक बहुत ही पवित्र रिश्ता होता है और जीवन भर साथ निभाना होता है अतः इसकी शुरुआत बहुत ही सोच समझ कर करना चाहिए  और कुछ लोग तो इतना ज्यादा सोच लेते हैं की शादी के बाद पहली रात घबराहट में कुछ ना कुछ गलत कर बैठते हैं अतः ये जरुरी है की कुछ बातो का ख्याल रखे ताकि जीवन साथी का दिल जीत के पूरे जीवन भर सुख भोगा जाए |  पहली रात जो होती है ये लड़का और लड़की दोनों के लिए बहुत अहम् होती है क्यूंकि ये पहली बार होता है जब समाज के सामने इजाजत लेके दोनों एक दूसरे के करीब आते हैं वो भी पूरी तरह से खुलके | पहली रात्रि वो रात्रि होती है जब दो लोग एक दूसरे का आलिंगन करते हैं वो भी खुलके, बिना किसी के डर के अपने कमरे में | यही वो रात्रि होती है जब दो जिस्म एक होने के लिए प्रयास करते हैं, यही वो रात्रि होती है जब 2 जिस्म एक दूसरे में समा जाना चाहते हैं | और यही वो रात्रि भी होती है जब दोनों लोग एक दूसरे के दिल में हमेशा के लिए एक अच्छी छवि बना सकते हैं |  शादी के बाद लड़का

9 Tips For Secure And Successful Marriage

 कृपया पूरी वेबसाइट को देखने के लिए वेब वर्शन में देखे 

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9 Tips For Secure And Successful Marriage, Points to keep in mind while searching life partner in matrimonial sites. 

If you are in a search of a nice and caring life partner/jeevansathi then it is necessary to understand your own nature and then only it is possible to find the best match. 

9 Tips For Secure And Successful Marriage
9 Tips For Secure And Successful Marriage

This is a general thinking of females to have a financial strong life partner but the bitter truth is that after sometime the busyness of life partner become a problem for happy married life. 

Money generation needs time and so if anyone is totally engaged in generating money, how can he give you the real time. Money is important but not satisfy you from all angle, it cannot satisfy your emotional need, feeling of love, real physical need. 

The fact is that we all need a life partner to spend some personal time, memorable moments but a busy person is not able to become a real partner. A rich man can provide you a huge house, a luxurious car, high society environment but happiness is something different from all this. 

So while searching life partner/jeevansathi in matrimonial websites, don’t focus on financial status totally. The main thing is to know the nature of person, the feeling of person about life partner and future aim. 

Searching life partner/jeevansathi is not the game of hurry, you must give proper time before taking final decision. 

There are many relationships which are suffering because of dissatisfaction in personal life. 

Let’s see which quality we should check before finalizing life partner from matrimonial site:

  1. Do check the nature of a person i.e. whether he or she has understanding nature, If not then avoid because if the partner is not able to understand your feelings then you will not be able to spend happy moments with him or her. 
  2. Try to find out that whether the partner has ability to understand your emotions.
  3. Do the partner is broad minded i.e. give you space to spend your sometimes with your friends and family members. There are many people who always doubt on their partner and this makes the life hell. So do check this quality before and if you are not comfortable then don’t move further. 
  4. While deciding about life partner or jeevansathi, do clear about want to live separately or with family. This is a very important issue and become a big problem after marriage. So search partner as per your nature and need. 
  5. Do check that whether feeling of love is arising between both of you or not. This is very important because without love, you can’t go for long together and also couple will not show real commitment for each other. So love is must, if you are not finding the feeling of love after spending some days or month then don’t move further. 
  6. Ask about sexual desires and ability, there are many people who hide their weakness, so talk in this matter too to avoid any disturbance after marriage. 
  7. Check whether the person is dominating or not, dominating nature will not give you real happiness and in long run, you will regret on your decision. So it is necessary to choose friendly person, not a dominating partner. 
  8. Do check the maturity level to handle the family responsibilities. There are many people who are very good in nature but are not able to handle family responsibilities. 
  9. Do keep in mind to not perform marriage in hurry, if your partner in hurrying then it is good to not move further, because marriage is for whole life and you cannot handover your life to any novice without knowing about him or her properly. 

So has provide you the 9 important tips for secure and successful marriage.

If all the life partner seekers, match finder will keep in mind all these points then no doubts whole life will become happy. 

Always spend some time with person whom you want to marry, meet him or her, talk openly, understand each other and then decide to make him or her life partner/jeevansathi.

Also don’t limit your search to only 1 matrimonial website, do check various for perfect match. 

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9 Tips For Secure And Successful Marriage, Points to keep in mind while searching life partner in matrimonial sites, happy marriage, matrimonial services online. 


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