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Research on Fat

Interesting Fat Jaankari, Research on fat, Some special knowledge related to fat, research on weight loss, Easy obesity controlling techniques. 

In these days we generally heard daily about fat loss ways , people want to control weight , obesity to live a healthy life and so there are so many medicines available in market to cut fat, to loose weight, to stay fit etc. But there is confusion about which are safe and which are not. Many people get good result and many ones not. 

research on fat, how obesity increase, tips for healthy life

Here in this article we will see some special researches which were published in media time to time and one can use them to control obesity or to loose weight.

Let's check some RESEARCH ON OBESITY:

  1. Once a news was published that playing video games also save from getting fat because person involved in games so much that avoid eating again and again. 
  2. Another game which was very beneficial is that to choose the healthy foods from list of food in group , by this we can aware about the unhealthy and junk  foods.
  3. A news was published on Patrika health dated Ist November 2015 that , eat sweet at the starting of meal. The researchers of imperial college London has found during research that by eating sweet at the starting of meal help the person to become obese. The reason behind this is that the  ” glucokinase protein” present in brain keep the record that how much glucose we have taken. If the amount of glucose is less then brain insists us to eat more starchy and sugar rich food. So while eating sweet at the starting brain will see that we have taken a good amount of glucose and thus we can avoid over eating and fat. 
  4. Generally we drink water just after meal which is very dangerous and boost the obesity. It is good to drink water after 1 hour, by this we can avoid fat. Read about how to use black pepper to reduce FAT?
  5. Gas formation is also not good for health and so while eating do not fill your stomach fully. Leave some space and also don’t eat the food which generates gas. 
  6. Do detoxify the intestines by doing enema once in a week and take only fruits and liquid on that day. 
  7. Do make habit to drink warm water in the morning just after getting up. 
  8. A very interesting news was published on health magazine of patrika dated 12th July 2015 that by calling any one as “Moti/मोटी” increases the chance of become fat. This research was done in university of California. 
  9. Almond help in controlling the fat, generally it is used to enhance the brain power but it is also a fact that by taking 45 gram almond daily can control the fat. As per research 45 gram of almond gives 250 calorie and it also control the hunger and thus we can save ourselves from over eating. Beside this it gives us fiber, vitamin E, Protein. So it is good to take some almond when mind want to eat snacks. 
  10. Another natural way to control Fat is to Wear a ORIGINAL RANGA RING which is being used by many people world wide, Matajewellers Of Ujjain Provide this Fat Loss Ring for decades.
So don’t fear from fat, motapa, obesity. Knowledge is power so live a fat free life by controlling on some habits.

research on fat, how obesity increase, tips for healthy life, Interesting Fat Jaankari, Research on fat, Some special knowledge related to fat, research on weight loss, Easy obesity controlling techniques. 
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