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Tips for successful marriage

 Best tips for successful marriage, how to live like happy couples, marriage advice. 

It is generally seen that the craze and excitement of marriage life get fade with time and this is the most problematic part of personal life. This is not in case of arrange-marriage in-fact in love life too couples are facing this problem. So this is necessary to know some important points to enjoy the whole life.

Tips for successful marriage
Tips for successful marriage


This article is beneficial for everyone who are newly married or who have passed a lots of year with together. 

You will get tips to enhance romance, enthusiasm in your life. 

Let’s see the problems which a couple face after sometime of marriage:

  • Stress starts ruining your life.
  • Couples start gets bore from each other.
  • Lack of communication make the the distance. 
  • Fighting with each other starts. 
  • Misconceptions start in life. 
  • Love converts in hate. 
  • Some couple take divorce.
  • Extramarital affairs also ruin the life etc.

So there are many problems which arise if couple doesn’t understand each other so it is necessary to understand and adopt some ways to maintain relationships whole the life. 

पढ़िए पति अगर अहमियत ना दे तो क्या करे ?

Now let’s see some points to spend married life successfully:

Try to start your day with new vision:

This means don’t think that you are with the same person daily. Try to see your partner with a new vision, try to find new qualities in your partner. You will never get upset.

Try to listen your partner:

Everyone has feelings to share and if you don’t listen him or her then you will not able to make long term relationship. Another important thing is that when anyone express feelings then person feel light and free from any type of stress. So sharing expression is a stress releasing technique. 

Try to be notty sometimes:

This means that don’t be serious always, make fun sometimes, be in-disciplined sometimes, be mischievous. This will make your life amusing.

Don’t be intelligent always:

This means don’t show your intelligence always, sometimes it is good to admit the unwanted advice too, this will also help you a lot to make the relationship for long. Some experiences are necessary to change thoughts so let your partner experience by his or her own decisions. Don’t dominate your partner for small things. 

Go for dating even after marriage too with your life partner:

This is very necessary to renew your relationship. The general thinking is that dating takes place before marriage only but it is necessary to change the thinking and everyone must go for dating with life partner after marriage, this will renew the relationship.

Share responsibilities:

Don’t bound your partner to do specific work, try to share responsibilities i.e. share your cooking, cleaning work, purchasing etc.

Don’t forget to complement each other:

This is very necessary for everyone to give compliment to each other daily, try to find out some reasons to praise your partner; this will definitely make your love life intimate and wonderful.

Don’t hurt your partner:

Sometimes we hurt our partner unknowingly which create a distance So it is necessary to keep in mind about self-respect of each other. Don’t hurt emotionally or physically. 

Keep your ego away in relationship:

Being an egoistic is a big hurdle to maintain relationship, so be normal and take everything easy. If you feel anything just talk to partner openly. If you commit any mistake say sorry without hesitation, if you love your partner, say I love you, I need you.

Never take your marriage for granted:

This is a boon for you that you have a life partner, ask an ascetic that how the life is without a partner. 

Always respect your partner, love your partner, be honest for your beloved. 

Try to understand the gestures of your partner:

There are many people who are not able to express their feelings openly and this cause problems in life. So it is necessary to understand the body language of partner, this is sometimes very helpful.

Don’t avoid sex for long:

Physical relationship is very important, in-fact it is the foremost thing which is necessary for bonding.  So don’t underestimate it even after years of marriage. This is necessary for mind and body relaxation and development too. 

Go for honeymoon again and again:

Generally this is a thought that honeymoon is for one time, but this is not the fact. If you go alone with your partner timely then this will spice-up your bonding. So don’t be a traditional thinker. 

Try to laugh with each other in small jokes and comedy:

This is necessary to open-up the relationship, friendly nature is very important thing for long term relationship, so make fun with each other. 

Use the strength of each other and cover the weakness of each other:

No one is perfect and everyone have some quality, so it is necessary to know about each other qualities and utilize it and never argue for weakness of each-other. 

Arrange small parties:

Spending times with friends and colleagues is also very important, so always arrange some small parties time to time and invite friends of each other. This will be very helpful to enjoy life. 

Consult astrologer:

Many times it happens that life become abnormal and this is due to planetary changes in transit horoscope, so it is also necessary to CONSULT ASTROLOGER time to time and follow some remedies to minimize the malefic impacts of planets. 

Here are some MORE TIPS for a successful marriage:

  • Communication: Communication is essential for any healthy relationship, but it's especially important in marriage. Make sure you and your spouse are able to talk to each other openly and honestly about your thoughts, feelings, and needs. This includes being able to disagree respectfully and work through conflict together.
  • Commitment: Marriage is a lifelong commitment, and it's important that both partners are willing to put in the work to make it successful. This means being there for each other through thick and thin, supporting each other's dreams, and always working towards common goals.
  • Compassion: Marriage is a partnership, and it's important to be compassionate and understanding towards your spouse. This means putting yourself in their shoes, trying to see things from their perspective, and being willing to forgive them when they make mistakes.
  • Intimacy: Intimacy is an important part of any marriage, and it doesn't just mean physical intimacy. It also means emotional intimacy, which is built on trust, communication, and shared experiences.
  • Respect: Respect is essential for any healthy relationship. This means respecting your spouse's opinions, feelings, and boundaries. It also means treating them with kindness, courtesy, and consideration.
  • Appreciation: It's important to show your spouse how much you appreciate them, both verbally and physically. This could mean telling them how much you love and care for them, doing something nice for them, or simply taking the time to listen to them.
  • Partnership: Marriage is a partnership, and it's important that both partners feel like they are on the same team. This means working together to solve problems, make decisions, and achieve common goals.
  • Acceptance: No one is perfect, and it's important to accept your spouse for who they are, flaws and all. This doesn't mean you have to agree with everything they do, but it does mean that you love and respect them unconditionally.

These are just a few tips for a successful marriage. It's important to remember that every marriage is different, and what works for one couple may not work for another. The most important thing is to find what works for you and your spouse and to be willing to put in the work to make your marriage successful.

So we have seen that how we can make whole marriage life successful. Hope blog readers will like this article and enjoy the life. 

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Best tips for successful marriage, how to live like happy couples, marriage advice. 

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