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Transferred money to wrong account what to do

What to do if fund Transferred to the Wrong Account?, क्या करें अगर गलती से पैसा किसी और खाता में चला गया हो ?, rules of RBI to get our money back. In this digital age we perform most of our transactions digitally through NEFT/IMPS/UPI etc. Sometimes it is possible that by mistake we transferred money in any other account. So in this article we will know that = how to recover our money from other account? What are the rules of RBI to get our money back? What steps to follow to get our money back from other account? First of all don’t worry about your mistakes because no one can use your fund without your permission.  But you have to go through long procedures which may disturb you so it is good to take some precautions before doing any big transaction. Transferred money to wrong account what to do हिंदी में पढ़िए क्या करें अगर गलती से दुसरे के खाते में पैसा चला गया हो ? Here are some tips to keep in mind before making digital payment: Check the account number twice before sub

What is Emergency contraception pill

 What is Emergency contraception, when to use I pill or Unwanted 72? Emergency contraception are in great demand in these days because of increase in unprotected intercourse/physical relationships.  These are very helpful in following conditions: Preventing pregnancy if physical relationship made without safety.  Preventing pregnancy when condom damaged during intercourse.  What is Emergency contraception pill Emergency contraceptive pills are available easily in medical stores and anyone can take it without prescription. These are used when unsafe relationship takes place. When to take Emergency contraceptive pill(ECP)? It is advised to take ECP within 72 hours (three days) after having unprotected relationship. The sooner you take the pill, the better your chances of not getting pregnant. Where to get Emergency contraceptive pill in India? These are available in every medical store and if you think that you need it, just go and buy it directly. The popular contraceptive pill

what is monkeypox disease

What Are Monkeypox Symptoms And How Does This Disease Spread?, treatment of monky-pox  मंकीपॉक्स : क्या होते हैं लक्षण और कैसे फैलती है यह बीमारी?, क्या इलाज है | कोरोना संक्रमण से अभी दुनिया लड़ ही रही है और ऐसे में एक और भयानक वायरस का संक्रमण शुरू हो गया है दुनिया मे और वो है मंकीपॉक्स | दुनियाभर में मंकीपॉक्स को लेके डर फ़ैलता जा रहा है और इसी कारण सभी देशो में सुरक्षा व्यवस्था को और मजबूत किया गया है | what is monkeypox disease Read in english about what is MONKEYPOX? आइये जानते हैं कहाँ कहाँ सबसे अधिक मरीज मिल रहे हैं monkepox के ? ब्रिटेन, इटली, पुर्तगाल, स्पेन, स्वीडन और अमेरिका में लोग इससे संक्रमित पाए गए हैं।  मंकीपॉक्स क्या है? मंकीपॉक्स बिमारी के लक्षण चेचक जैसे हैं और इलाज भी लगभग समान ही है | सबसे पहले ये बिमारी 1958 में बंदरो में पाया गया था उसके बाद मनुष्य में पहली बार 1970 में पाया गया था |  जानकारी के अनुसार यह रोग मुख्य रूप से मध्य और पश्चिम अफ्रीका के उष्णकटिबंधीय वर्षावन क्षेत्रों में होता है और कभी-कभी अन्य क्षेत्रों में पहुंच जाता है। मंकीपॉक्स वायरस पॉ

Rj Praveen best pranks videos

Who is Rj Praveen , best pranks videos, most funniest videos of radio jockey of Kolkata, rj Praveen best pranks online.  One of the most funny rj in red fm kolkata is rj Praveen and his pranks videos are very popular.  He also has his own youtube channel which is very popular. His videos are good medium to over come from stress, loneliness, anxiety, depression etc.  He has an extra ordinary talent to make people laugh and also he has a talent to change his voice which help him to make his pranks more powerful.  He is a good artist, content maker, dubbing artist, comedian.  Rj Praveen best pranks videos His full name is Praveen sethia  and nick name is Rj Praveen. Professionally he is a radio jockey, comedian and youtuber.  He was born on 12th of april 1984 in howrah, west Bengal, india. He has done his schooling from sree jain vidyalaya and college from Calcutta University.  His father name is Vijay Sethia and mother name is Minakshi Sethia Facebook   @RJPraveenRedFM Instagram

rj purab pranks videos links

Who is RJ purab, why he is so famous, best pranks of rj purab, latest pranks list. One of the most rapidly growing you-tuber is RJ Purab, he is getting famous for his original car fooling pranks in Kanpur region.  He is senior RJ (radio jockey) in Red FM 93.5.  His videos become viral as soon as it is published, people are crazy about his funny videos.  He is not only a entertainer but a good person, kind hearted person.  Who is rj praveen, watch his best pranks videos rj purab pranks videos links Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ) about Rj purab: When is the birthday of Rj purab? 16 september 1990 What is the full name of Raj purab? Purab Duggal and we know him as rj purab. What is the real profession of rj purab? He is working in Red FM 93.5 FM as a senior radio jockey, content creator. Why rj purab is famous? He is very popular in youtube because of his original car pranks videos. Birth place of rj purab: Kanpur uttar Pradesh, india. Is rj purab married: Yes, he

16 evergreen comedy movies links

watch best super hit comedy movies on YouTube, best old comedy movies Bollywood, best comedy movies bollywood, best comedy movies of all time, funniest movies. Life is full of pressure, responsibilities, hectic schedule and so everyone want to make mood free and for this comic movies are best medium.  Comedy movies contain double meaning words, joke which push us to laugh.  16 evergreen comedy movies links Comedy movies are best way to release pressure, to make mood fresh, to enjoy spare time, to energize us.  Here we are providing list of 16 classic comedy movies which can no doubt make everyone laugh. These are evergreen funniest old movies.  We can watch these comedy movies with our family, friends, and colleagues without any hesitation.  The main thing about these old movies is that that these have some teachings and so are very good for everyone.  These are not only medium of passing time but also a way to learn something new about life.  Check List of best ITEM SONGS Chec