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Disadvantages of Digital Gaming Addiction

Disadvantages of Digital Gaming Addiction , harmful impacts of playing digital games regularly, how to avoid problems due to playing digital games.  Digital Gaming disadvantages No doubt the current digital age has provided too much luxury to us and due to this entertainment world has also changed much. Now we are able to enjoy 3d games via different sources. They are made in such a way that no one can leave them in between. It is also a fact that digital games are very addictive and also we don't want to loose any chance to play powerful games.  They are definitely good and makes us active but on the other hand there are various disadvantages which are not good and if we don't keep them in mind then it is possible that we may make our life hell.  So play digital games but in a control manner so as to make the life wonderful. They are a tools of entertainment not to disturb our life.  Let's See Some Negative Impacts Of Game Addiction: 1. Person become unaw

Chintaman Ujjain JATRA

Ujjain Chintaman Jatra Jatra In Ujjain As per Hindu Panchang, in the month of CHAITRA, Jatra will take place in every Wednesday. In this year there will 4 JATRA in chintaman temple, ujjain which will start from 15th March. On Jatra, fair will take place in Chintaman and devotees from villages, city come at chintaman temple to seek blessings. Significance Of JATRA at chintaman: In actual jatra is related with farmers, in the month of Chaitra, farmers harvest and before selling grains in market they offer some at chintaman temple, This process become jatra and now a days people from everywhere come on Wednesday of Chaitra month to fulfil there wishes. Let's Know The Dates Of Jatra This Year: First jatra is on 15th March 2017. Second Jatra is on 22nd March. Thrid Jatra is on 29th March. Forth Jatra is on 5th April. How to Reach Chintaman Temple During Jatra Easily:

Adopt A Child For Wonderful Life

Adopt a Baby to Make Life Wonderful information related to adoption.  information on child adoption Married life without a child seems to be not completed, there may be so many reasons of not having baby after marriage but in this article we are not going to see about them.  In this article we are going to know some important information on how to adopt a baby to make our life wonderful, successful and happy.  In India there are specific laws to adopt any child – male or female.  Adoption means to legally accept other’s child as own child. After adoption child get the rights like a biological child.  Any one can adopt orphan, abandoned or surrendered, legally free for adoption by the child welfare committee.  If any one want to adopt a child in India then it is necessary to keep in mind following things: An unmarried male or female is also able to adopt a child. Any couple can adopt child of any gender only after 2 years of marriage with the consent of both. 

Goa Place For Pleasure and Masti

Where is Goa, history of goa, things to know about GOA, How To Reach Goa?, Visiting places in Goa, festivals in goa Goa guide If you are in a search for a place to spend your vacation, your honeymoon, your moments with friends and family, then yes GOA is one of the best place to visit.  Goa, A place for masti, a place for pleasure, a place to enjoy every moment.  A paradise in the bank of ARABIAN SEA rich in beauty, greenery, water sports. Many people called goa with different names like as - "Garden of shepherds" "Goa Daurada" "Golden Goa" "Pearl fo the orientRoma do Oriente" "Rome of the East" etc Goa is a place where we can find people of different castes, creeds, religions living in complete harmony.  If you want to enjoy Sun, Sea and sand at one place then ofcourse Goa is one of the best place for you.  It is a paradise for the nature lovers and water sports loving people. Not only beaches of Goa a

How To Do Cashless Transactions ?

How To Do Cashless Transactions how many ways are there to perform cashless transactions, how to pay bill without cash, Indian ways of cashless, कैसे करे केशलेस लेनदेन, बिना नकद के लेनदेन करने के भारतीय तरीके जानिए.  how to become cashless Due to demonetisation in India there is problem in performing buying and selling in cash. But this is a digital age and so by having some knowledge about online banking, mobile banking it is very easy to perform our activities without cash.  Here in this article we are going to see the ways which are very easy to use for cashless transactions. It is necessary for everyone to know about what are the ways to perform cashless transactions. Let’s Know The Ways To Move Without CASH: First is RTGS(Real Time Gross Settlement)- If you have a bank account, internet connection, IFSC code and a computer or mobile then you can easily use this service provided by all banks. In this Limit of transaction is 2 to 10 lakh, Time To Transfer is from 8A