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Challenges In Starting Start-Up

Now a days youth are diverting towards startups, it is the best idea to live our entrepreneurship. But it is not as easy as it seems, In this article we are going to see the hurdles which may affect the success of any startup. challenges in startups First of all it is necessary to arrange funds to start any business and for this various types of efforts are needed. If any one is capable then no problem but in case if any middle class person want to enter in business then it is very hard for him or her. If a person is taking funds from others then great pressure will be there until the whole fund is refunded. Next is some person give fund on partnership basis too. So it's on circumstances what type of fund anyone is taking for startups. There are various advantages and disadvantages of taking funds from others. Let's See Some Disadvantages of Taking Funds From Other for STARTUPS: 1. If you are taking money from other then the person also START INTERFERE in your plann

How To Find Lost Phone Through Google ?

Strange but true that now we can find our lost smart phones through technology. Yes, don't worry if you have lost your smart mobile. Use the latest technology, read about this here.  how to find lost mobile Smart phone has become very important for all of us, with the increase of smart phones in all over the world chances of theft also increases. Now a days we keep very important informations in our mobile and so is very important for us. If it lost then many problems arises in life. Sometimes we also forget it by keeping it somewhere.  Google has given a way to find our lost mobile easily. If you are using android phones then don't worry now easily you can detect your mobile from anywhere where internet is available.  Let's See The Steps To Find Lost Mobile: 1. Open Google home page and login from your id which has been used in your mobile.  2. Now type in search bar "Where's my phone?". 3. You will get a map where location of your pho

Are You Hungry Of SEX ?

Are you hungry of sex, do you want to do sex daily and many times then you must know about the disadvantages of too much sex, effects of doing sex regularly. sex hunger disadvantages Although it is a fact that making physical relation is a biological need of every one but on the other hand it is a bitter truth that it has many disadvantages if not done in a control manner. In this article we will read about how sex affect our health if not done in proper way. Some people think that making physical relation regularly is good for health, some want to do it many times a day, some use unethical way to satisfy there physical need and so on. But knowledge is power; if we know the reality then definitely we will try to balance our activities. If any one do sex properly and in a best way then there are many health benefits too like as – Person get good sleep. Risk of heart disease minimized. Risk of bladder problems minimized. It also helps in stress management. But in-spi

Do You Stop URINE ?

Releasing urine is a normal activity of our body which is necessary to take out unwanted materials from body. Releasing Urine actually purify our body from toxins and impurities. When bladder get fill then it is necessary to release it. Brain get this message and then we go to toilet.  stop urine effects Some person stop urine which is not good for health, Experts says that it is good to release urine within 1 to 2 minutes when brain get message. If we stop it for long time then many bad impacts may seen.  Let's See Disadvantages of Stopping Urine: 1. There is danger of INFECTION , if any one stop urine for long time. because through urine we take out the unwanted materials. So if we keep it for long time then it is harmful for health.  2. There is danger of bacteria in bladder which is not good for health.  3. There is chance of STONE in kidney because when we stop urine for long time then it return towards kidney and start creating stone because our urine

Do You Eat Too Much Bread

Bread is generally favourite of every one, children and elders, every one like to eat bread in breakfast, some use it in meals too. In fast food bread is a important component.  Bread eating effects No doubt, it is tasty and easy to eat. Some items of bread are sandwich, burgers, bread-Jam, bread-butter etc. People use these daily and even patients are also taking this but we are not aware of the dangerous impacts of BREAD. In this article we are going to read about the impacts of bread in our health. Let's Check Out, How Bread Affect Our Health: 1. There is no nutrients in bread even in ATTA BREAD too so there is not advantage of it.  2. It act as a filler only so we don't feel satisfaction after having it. So it is not a good food. 3. It is also not good for weight, it enhances weight because it contains salt, sugar and preservatives.  4. Bread contains Gluten which cause indigestion and it is also responsible for celiac disease.  5. Bread do

Free Search Engine Submission

FREE WEB SUBMISSION || FREE SEARCH ENGINE SUBMISSION || FREE TRAFFIC || FAST SEARCH ENGINE SUBMISSION || BEST SEARCH ENGINES FOR WEBSITES AND BLOGS Free Search Engine Submission, Benefits of search engine submission, best ways to submit blog or website in search engines, World best search engines, how to submit site manually in search engines. free Search engine submission facility Search engine submissions are basis of SEO, if search engines don't have the record of your blog or website then you will deprive of traffic. It is because it is necessary to make your blog or website presence in different search engines.  How to submit sites in search engines? Although there are too many sites who provide automatic search engine submission facilities but in spite of that "" suggest you to submit your site manually in different search engines which is the best way and trusted way to put your presence in that directory.  Google,

Are You Suffering From Digital Disorder

Are You Suffering From Digital Disorder, digital disorder symptoms and precautions. digital disorder What is digital disorder? With the increasing use of technology a new type of problems is arising all over the world. Now a days people are becoming addict of using internet, social networking websites and application in laptop, desktop, mobile. Any type of hindrance in using internet cause them to become angry and disturb the life. this is called digital disorder.  In this digital time people don't spend time with friends and family members physically but they want to interact them with applications and digital social platforms. To post comment, selfie, news is becoming a addiction for internet users.  We can call this type of nature digital mania too means to engage with digital world 24 hours. Infact people are depriving of enjoying time with children, family members, friends etc because of this. We must understand this otherwise many types of problems may ar