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How Many Types Of Fever ?

What Is Fever? When temperature of body gets high and person become uncomfortable then it is called fever. If any one is having fever than it means that some problem is arising in body, Fever is the sign of imbalance in energy in body. Fever is the sign of many types of other diseases too like as viral, dengue, malaria, swine flue, seasonal problems, infections etc.  types of fever It is necessary to diagnose the reason of fever immediately otherwise lots of problems may arise. In this article will know that what types of fevers are present, This basic knowledge will help you to understand your own problems at initial stage.  Lets Know About Types Of Fever: 1. Viral Fever: The reasons of viral fever is contact with any other viral infected person, polluted food and water.  Symptoms of Viral fever: In this person faces headache, blowing nose, cough. So if this type of things happens then it is good to consult doctor and take proper treatment.  Precautions to