Tricks To Control Temperature Of Smart Phone

Is your mobile phone easily get hot, what to do to cool down mobile easily, precautions while using android tablet, fablet etc. 
Now every pocket has a mobile and with this some people face problems related with temperature. Some smart phones easily get hot which is dangerous for user and mobile too. If proper steps are not taken to control the temperature of mobile then it can harm physically. 
mobile tricks for cooling
Tricks To Control Temperature Of Smart Phone
Sometimes good quality mobiles also get hot and become slow which is very irritating for every user. Sometimes while talking some mobile gets hot and our ear can feel it easily, some android temperature increases while playing games and so on.

What to we do when this happen with us,? Generally we maintain distance from our ear and sometimes we restart it etc. But this is not the real methods to save our mobile from getting SLOW or HOT. 
First of all it is necessary to find the reasons of this problem then to take the right step to keep our mobile temperature under control. 

Let’s Know Some Reasons of Mobile Getting Hot:

  • It is possible that the hardware is not powerful of your mobile if it is not of good company and so it gets hot while talking and during internet access. 
  • It is possible that you are working for long time in mobile and due to this mobile is getting slow because processor is in load. 
  • Sometimes we connect our device with external device like headphone, printer, speaker,  etc which also increase load on processor and it gets hot. 
  • Playing games for long time also enhance the temperature which is not good for mobile health. 
  • Another important reason is having virus in phone. Read mobile fraud
  • Some use too many apps in smart phone which engage the processor and makes it hot. Some apps automatically restart and this makes the mobile slow.
  • Making video and doing photography also a main reason. 
  • Sometimes cover of your phone is also responsible for this problem. 
  • Sometimes duplicate battery is also responsible for this problem. 

Impacts of Hot Mobile:

Battery drains easily, I have experienced this, once while visiting a place I have to keep my mobile in a locker which is outside and sun-rays are making the locker hot. When I came back I found that 60% battery has been used also I have found that my mobile was too hot. So it is not good to keep mobile at any hot place.
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Tricks to Save mobile from Getting Hot:

Do You Know That?

1. Use only quality products, we keep it near to our heart and so using low quality smart phones may affect our heart health. It is also not good for mobile health.

In this way we can save our mobile from getting hot which is good for our health too. Use smart phone smartly, safely and enjoy it. 

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