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How Crackers Are Harmful

How crackers affect our health, harmful impacts of crackers in our life. 
How crackers affect our health, harmful impacts of crackers in our life.
harmful effects of crackers
Crackers are very important part of occasions, celebrations. Generally we use crackers to show our joy and happiness but we don’t know how crackers are affecting our life badly. In this article we will see the impacts of crackers in our life, how crackers affect our health, how crackers affecting our environment, etc.
There are many chemicals used in making crackers and when we use it then it generates many dangerous gases which are poisonous and harmful for health.

Let’s understand the chemicals used in Crackers and there impacts: 
Aluminium, nitric acid, cadmium compound, lithium compound, ammonium, potassium, potassium nitrate, copper compound, antimony sulphide, barium nitrate, arsenic compound, mercury chlorides, sulpherdioxide, ozone, lead-dioxide, lead nitrate etc. are used in crackers which produces harmful gases while burning and affect our health. 
  • Aluminium is used to produce white light and is very dangerous for skin and also responsible for Alzheimer disease.
  • Nitric oxide which comes out while burning crackers are harmful for lungs, arteries etc. 
  • Cadmium compound which is a colouring agent affect our lungs, stomach and can also generate cancer.
  • Lithium compound which is used to generate red color effect is dangerous for respiratory system. 
  • Ammonium which is a oxidising agent is responsible for thyroid and lungs cancer. 
  • Potassium nitrate used in crackers is dangerous for over all organs. 
  • Antimony sulphide is a colouring agent and also used for glitter effect is dangerous for respiratory system and can also cause lungs cancer. 
  • Arsenic compounds are a colouring agent and is dangerous for skin and respiratory system. 
  • Barium nitrate is used to produce green colour effect and is dangerous for stomach, muscles, respiratory system and also cause cancer. 
  • Copper compounds used to produce blue colour effects and can imbalance the hormones, cause cancer, skin problems etc. 
  • Mercury chlorides are a reducing agent and is dangerous from every point of view. 
  • Lead dioxide , lead nitrate, lead chloride is a oxidising agent and affect the growth of children and is dangerous for every one. 
  • Nitrogen dioxide is a gas produced while burning crackers and is dangerous for infants, aged people, acidic rain. This is very poisonous. 
  • Strontium compounds produce red color effects and are dangerous for children and affect the growth of children. 
  • Ozone produced during burning crackers is bad for respiratory system and skin.
  • Sulphur-dioxide produced during burning crackers is responsible for acidic rain. 
So if we read about the impacts of chemicals used in crackers and the gases which are produced during burning crackers then we will know how much harm we are doing to ourselves and our beloved. 
So if possible avoid crackers to save our environment, to save our beloved and to save ourselves from chronic problems.

How crackers affect our health, harmful impacts of crackers in our life. 

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