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Janmashtmi date and tips for success

when is Krishna Janmashtmi 2022, planetary positions during krishna birthday celebration, astrology significance and what to do for success,  How to perform janmashtami pooja at home?

If you are devotee of lord krishna then you must know about the janmashtmi festival which is popular all over the world. Specially in ISKON temples this festival is celebrated with great excitement. This is the day when lord krishna took birth in this earth to protect saints, devotees from negative energies, to establish dharama, to show right path to humanbeings.

In the year 2022 ashtmi tithi will start at 9:22 PM on 18th of august and remain till 11:09 PM of 19th of august.

when is Krishna Janmashtmi 2022, planetary positions during krishna birthday celebration, astrology significance and what to do for success,
Janmashtmi date and tips for success

Krishna is believed to be the incarnation of lord vishnu and this divine process of taking birth took place in the midnight of Ashtmi tithi of bhadrapad month in rohini nakshatra. as per hindu calender.

Celebration Of krishna Janmashtmi:

This is the day for which devotees of krishna waited whole the year, whole the night people enjoy the chantings of lord krishna name in temple and at home too, glimpses are made in temple and home showing the birth of this divine energy in earth.

Jhula is also placed with the idol of baby krishna and devotees swing it at midnight to please bal-gopal. Fast is also kept by people in the memory of krishna and to overcome from the problems of life.

Astrology Significance of Janmashtmi:

The night of  janmashtmi is very important to perform rituals, remedies to overcome from malefic impacts of planets. This is the night when it is possible to activate tantra, mantra and so tanrik and spiritual practitioners use this day and night for siddhi i.e. to gain powers. 

Janashtmi is also called MOHRATRI. 

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To please lord krishna devotees do chanting of krishna mantra, singh bhajans, perform hawan, abhishek etc. This night is divine and magical, one can feel the divine energy everywhere on this night.

Krishna was born to kill the evil energies in the earth and he did it very well and so people who are suffering from various problems worship whole the night so that krishna take out there problems too.

हिंदी में पढ़िए जन्माष्टमी महत्त्व हिंदी में

2022 Krishna Janmashtmi Importance as per vedic astrology:

In the year 2022 krishna janmashtmi is falling on 19 August, Friday and so is very important for the people who want to perform spiritual practices, prayers for successful life.

  1. This year Budaditya rajyoga will remain in transit horoscope during janmashtmi which is very good sign. 
  2. Sun, jupiter and saturn planet will be in their own sign which is very good. 
  3. Moon will be exalted.
  4. Mercury will be positive.
  5. Ketu will be positive.
  6. Venus and rahu will be malefic in transit horoscope. 

So 6 planet will be positive in transit horoscope and 1 rajyoga will be present, so the time is very good for spiritual practices and performing rituals. 

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How to perform krishn janmashtmi pooja at home easily?

  • Clean a place to make arrangement for krishna birthday celebration. 
  • After that place a small jhula, statue of bal gopal and decorate the place as per the capacity and ideas you have. 
  • Keep panchamrit, clothes, bhog i.e. food for krishna, dhoop , deep, a shankh, flowers etc. 
  • Right at mid night perform the pooja of bal gopal, For this first of all do the abhishek of krishna with panchamrit and then worship god as per the things available, offer bhog, dhoop, deep etc and do the arti, Chant any krishna mantra as much as possible and pray for health, wealth and prosperity. 
  • Distribute the prasad to family members, neighbors, devotees etc.

Benefits of Janmasthmi:

  • One can attract good health by performing special pooja on janmashtmi night. 
  • One can attract wealth by worshiping krishna.
  • One can attract prosperity, power, name, fame by doing rituals on this night.
  • If anyone is suffering in love life then also it is good to worship lord krishna with radhaji.
  • If anyone is suffering from progeny problem then must do poojas on the auspicious day of krishn janmashtmi.
  • So don't avoid this sacred and powerful night and take the benefit of every second of this krishna night.

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when is Krishna Janmashtmi 2022, planetary positions during krishna birthday celebration, astrology significance and what to do for success, , How to perform janmashtami pooja at home?

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