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Smart bus In india

Smart buses in india, features of smart bus services, Frequently asked questions, how to book ticket, help line number.

If you have not travelled in smart buses in india then you must try and feel the luxury. These are very comfortable and safe.

Smart bus services are present in more than 100 cities in india and are the favorite of travelers. It works on IoT technology ( Internet of Things ) i.e. the collective network of connected devices and the technology that facilitates communication between devices and the cloud, as well as between the devices themselves.

Smart buses are equipped with CCTV, first aid box, toilet, water bottle, emergency exit, etc.

Smart buses in india, features of smart bus services, Frequently asked questions, how to book ticket, help line number.
Smart bus In india

Here are the specialties of smart Buses:

  1. Smartbus is fully sanitized and so are safe for everyone. 
  2. Travelers are thermally scanned before entering in bus. 
  3. Hygiene kit is also provided for safety. 
  4. For private space smart bus also provide private cabins with closed-door single and double occupancy.
  5. There is a fully sanitized washroom in bus for everyone. 
  6. Waiting room is also airconditioned and free from contamination. B us boarding lounges are super clean and fresh before each bus journey.
  7. Smart bus has 24x7 command centre to track buses in real-time, CCTV cameras, and driver performance tracking system is also installed. 
  8. Complimentary travel insurance also given to smartbus travelers of worth INR 5 lacs. This will cover accidental death, disability, and medical (evacuation hospitalization) insurance for the beneficiaries.

IntrCity SmartBus is the best and most popular smart bus ticketing platform, offering remarkable bus travel options. The brand operates a branded fleet of dependable buses that provide safe, secure, and punctual travel. IntrCity SmartBus has also become the most preferred mobile app because of its easy bus booking procedures and other in-bus branded features to help you during the trip. When you travel on a SmartBus, on-time departure and arrival are guaranteed, as is guaranteed safety with CCTV surveillance, GPS, a boarding lounge and a cleaned washroom onboard, and personalised help from the bus captain and boarding staff. IntrCity is smart, secure, and reliable! Travellers can book buses online through or download the user-friendly IntrCity mobile app.

Payment options in Intrcity bus ticket booking:

Smart bus provide different types of payment gateway for everyone so that one can book ticket easily and conveniently. We can also get offers in different time.

Smart Bus also have fantastic features like Flexi Tickets! It's a unique feature that allows you to change your bus ticket reservation up until the last hour at no additional cost.

Smart bus Payment modes are:

  • GooglePay
  • Credit card
  • Debit card
  • UPI
  • Paytm
  • Phonepe
  • Net Banking with various banks
  • HDFC Bank
  • ICICI Bank
  • Axis Bank
  • State Bank of India etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ) about Intrcity smartBus:

Question)Who owns IntrCity SmartBus?

Ans) IntrCity SmartBus is owned by IntrCity, India's leading inter-city mobility platform, offering both train and bus services to budget travelers.

Question)Who owns RailYatri?

Ans)RailYatri is owned by IntrCity, India's leading inter-city mobility platform, offering both train and bus services to budget travelers.

Question)What is IntrCity RailYatri?

Ans) IntrCity RailYatri is the way few people refer to IntrCity which has two platforms, IntrCity SmartBus and RailYatri. IntrCity SmartBus, the company's flagship brand, provides safe, reliable, and standardised travel options along India's long-distance routes, operating on 600+ routes. RailYatri, a companion brand, delivers comprehensive train travel information to over 14 million people monthly.

Question) Is IntrCity SmartBus a Part of RailYatri?

Ans) IntrCity SmartBus and RailYatri is owned by IntrCity, India's leading inter-city mobility platform, offering both train and bus services to budget travelers.

Question)How many buses does IntrCity SmartBus own?

Ans) At present, IntrCity SmartBus runs 200+ buses operating in the northern, southern, and western regions of India.

Q) What is IntrCity SmartBus?

Ans) RailYatri has launched its branded IntrCity SmartBus with exclusive in-built features. A multi-modal transportation service backed with technology, designed to make bus travelers journey superbly comfortable. IntrCity is loaded with features like Hygienic toilet, Live GPS/CCTV, free WiFi, Clean blankets & personalised assistance of a bus captain!

Question)What are the benefits of booking bus tickets through Intrcity SmartBus App?

Ans) Nothing beats the comfort of SmartBus journeys! Adding to its charm, IntrCity’s friendly mobile app features will help you with easy, timely and convenient booking.

1. Get exciting offers and save more when you choose the IntrCity app for bus booking. Hurry! Give us a try!

2. No bus delays! Track your IntrCity in real time. Explore information on current location, distance covered, estimated time of arrival and departure.

3. Flexi Ticket! Now modify your bus booking till very last hour at no extra charges. A never before in-app feature for a stress-free travel!

Question) How to avail discounts on bus booking with Intrcity SmartBus?

Ans) It's our constant endeavor to deliver better value to our travelers. There are many offers and discounts available on our IntrCity mobile app. Upon booking you can find out the ongoing deals and discounts offered just for you! Download the app now!

Question)Is IntrCity SmartBus reliable?

Ans) IntrCity SmartBus powered by RailYatri, always updates features that simplify bus journeys for travelers.

1. Bus information with live GPS tracking for arrival and departure confirmation.

2. On-Time performance - IntrCity is always ready 60 mins before the trip begins. Delivering the promise of on-time performance each time!

3. Safety promise - With continuous CCTV and GPS tracking on buses, our round-the-clock command centre keeps a close watch for your safe journey.

4. You can also connect with us at or call intrcity on 7303093510 for any query.

Question)Why book IntrCity bus ticket online?

Ans) Book bus tickets online on the IntrCity website or download the mobile app for easy access!

1. Now do quick and easy booking with IntrCity anytime, anywhere!

2. View wide choices of seats and bus type.

3. A special feature for women only seats.

4. Avail great offers and discounts through online bus booking.

Travel with IntrCity for an incredible bus journey experience!

Question) How to book bus tickets via IntrCity App?

Ans) No more waiting at bus ticket counters, go ahead and experience the hassle-free booking experience:

1. Visit the IntrCity App, and select the boarding & arrival destination.

2. Select the bus that is best suited. Further, select the seats and fill in the correct passenger details.

3. Proceed to the payment gateway. And you are done!

4. The bus booking confirmation email, SMS and WhatsApp message will be sent on users registered details.

Question)Is there a toilet in IntrCity SmartBus sleeper coaches?

Ans) Yes, all IntrCity SmartBus with sleeper coaches have washrooms in them

Question)What is IntrCity SmartBus Saving Card?

Ans) The IntrCity Savings Card helps travellers save money. This card entitles one to get Rs 150 off on next 6 trips over a year. The card can also be used by self and family members. These can be bought on the IntrCity SmartBus App and Website for Rs 171 for benefits worth Rs 900 over next 6 trips.

Question)How do I Connect to IntrCity SmartBus Wi-Fi?

Ans) During the journey, IntrCity SmartBus wifi keeps you connected by surfing the web, sharing with your pals, or finishing that assigned job. You don't need a password; simply connect to "InterCity Free WiFi," open your browser, accept the terms and conditions, and you're ready to go!

Question)Where does IntrCity SmartBus operate in India?

Ans) The brand operates in the northern, southern, and western parts of India. We started in North India and are very strong across Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, and Himachal, followed by Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. They already have a strong base in the South, with 270+ active routes, which connect tier two and tier three cities like Vijayawada, Coimbatore, Ernakulam, Tirupati, Madurai, Visakhapatnam, Nagercoil, Guntur, and Pondicherry to Bengaluru, Chennai, and Hyderabad. The brand is also expanding in the western market, with connections to southern states such as Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, as well as Maharashtra, Gujarat, and Goa.

Question)What is the average ticket cost for IntrCity SmartBus?

Ans) The average cost of an AC sleeper ticket on a SmartBus is comparable to train fares and ranges between Rs 500 and 1500, depending on the route's distance.

Question) Is IntrCity SmartBus Good?

Ans) IntrCity SmartBus is a highly rated service with average 65 NPS (net promoter score). It promises a comfortable, convenient, and dependable bus travel experience across the country. It promises the consumers a safe, on-time, secure, and hassle-free travel on SmartBus which is fitted with an on-board washroom. IntrCity SmartBus is well-known for its fleet of smart buses that operate across North, South & West India and travel to 200+ destinations and 600+ routes.

Question) Does IntrCity SmartBus have toilets or washroom?

Ans) Yes, washrooms are available on all routes of IntrCity SmartBus, besides few hill routes where it is not feasible to have toilets. These washroom have urinal and wash basin available. In addition, they have also provided hygienic pit stops which are either food & bio stops or only bio stops.

Question) Does IntrCity SmartBus have charging ports?

Ans) Yes, all the IntrCity SmartBus fleet has charging ports besides every seat and sleeper. They also provide AC vent, reading lights, bottle holders besides every sleeper cabin.

How to book Ticket in Smart Bus in India?

  1. To book ticket we have to visit
  2. Choose your source city and destination with date of journey and search. 
  3. You can get wide range of buses and seat types for your easy intercity travel.
  4. You can book as per our need and convenience.
  5. After completing the online bus ticket booking, you will receive an M-ticket via SMS/WhatsApp and email.

When booking a bus ticket online, travellers may enjoy the benefits of significant discounts and exciting offers. For your next bus journey, book an IntrCity branded SmartBus and travel on all major routes across India.

Some popular IntrCity SmartBus Routes are below:

  1. Delhi - Lucknow 554 Km
  2. Bangalore- Hyderabad 596Km
  3. Chennai - Coimbatore 506 km
  4. Mumbai - Ahmedabad 538 km
  5. Delhi - Amritsar 465 km
  6. Coimbatore - Chennai 506 Km
  7. Chennai - Bangalore 347 Km
  8. Chennai - Madurai 463 Km
  9. Madurai - Chennai 465 Km
  10. Lucknow to Delhi
  11. Lucknow to Noida
  12. Lucknow to Mathura
  13. Noida to Lucknow
  14. Mathura to Lucknow
  15. Lucknow to Agra
  16. Agra to Lucknow
  17. Gaziyabad to Lucknow
  18. Lucknow to Gaziyabad
  19. Chennai to Tiruchirapalli
  20. Jalandhar to Delhi
  21. Delhi to Jalandhar
  22. Panipat to Phagwara
  23. Ludhiana to Delhi
  24. Phagwara to Sonipat
  25. Sonipat to Ludhiana
  26. Panipat to Ludhiana
  27. Phagwara to Delhi
  28. Jalandhar to Panipat
  29. Delhi to Ludhiana
  30. Ludhiana to Sonipat
  31. Delhi to Phagwara
  32. Ludhiana to Panipat
  33. Delhi to Khanna 20:30
  34. Hyderabad to Bangalore
  35. Sonipat to Jalandhar
  36. Greater Noida to Luckno
  37. Phagwara to Panipat
  38. Jalandhar to Sonipat
  39. Route First Bus
  40. Madurai to Chennai
  41. Rajpura to Delhi
  42. Noida to Khanna
  43. Gaziyabad to Phagwara
  44. Noida to Ludhiana
  45. Gurgaon to Lucknow
  46. Phagwara to Murthal
  47. Sonipat to Khanna
  48. Murthal to Jalandhar
  49. Gaziyabad to Ludhiana
  50. Khanna to Sonipat
  51. Gaziyabad to Rajpura
  52. Murthal to Rajpura
  53. Ludhiana to Murthal
  54. Jalandhar to Murthal
  55. Lucknow to Gurgaon
  56. Khanna to Panipat
  57. Lucknow to Greater Noida
  58. Tiruchirapalli to Chennai
  59. Panipat to Jalandhar
  60. Mumbai to goa

You can also search for other cities services directly from website.

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Smart buses in india, features of smart bus services, Frequently asked questions, how to book ticket, help line number.

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