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what is shankprakshalan in Yoga

 shankhaprakshalana , best and powerful body detoxification method, weight loss by yoga.   

if you are suffering from chronic constipation, fat, obesity, motapa, acidity, dullness, beauty problem then don’t worry, do this article and know about a wonderful process of yoga which can transform your life from inside. 

shankhaprakshalana , best and powerful body detoxification method, weight loss by yoga.
what is shankprakshalan in Yoga


What is sankhprakshalan in yoga?

Indian yoga techniques are very rich to transform mind and body and there are many techniques described in books of yoga to detoxify the mind and body and to have a life full of energy. 

SHANKHPRAKHALAN is one of the best technique which is used to detoxify the body. Shankh meaning conch and prakshalana meaning to clean. This is a very powerful process in which salt water is used to clean the intestine and those who have experienced this says that this is a magical process and have tremendous benefits.

So in easy meaning, shankprakashalana means to clean the body from mouth to anus. Some scholars take this process as KAYA-KALPA PROCESS i.e.  a process to change the body fully. 

Digestive system is the base of our whole body and person who have good digestive system is able to enjoy whole life where as poor digestive system leads to suffer in every segment of life. 

In todays time due to improper diet, unhealthy life style, people are suffering from different types of health issues, digestion problem, obesity problem etc. Because of this people are not able to perform their daily routine happily. So it is necessary to take some steps to make our mind and body full of energy. 

The process of shank prakshalana consist of exercises and drinking salty water in a specific way which help to clean the digestive system in a proper way which further helps to get a healthy body, beautiful body, healthy mind and healthy life. 

हिंदी में पढ़िए शंख प्रक्षालन क्या होता है ?

What happens in shankprakshalan process?

In actually our body don’t leave the residuals from the intestine walls and gradually it accumulate and prohibit the intestine to absorb the nutrition from the food properly which leads to many disease related to colon, stomach, intestines, kidneys skin, legs, nervous system, blood, immune weakness etc. 

When we perform shankh prakshalan then we adopt some exercise and salt water with lemon due to which the residuals from the intestine walls get come out and thus our intestine become ready to absorb the needed nutrition from our food in a better way. 

What is the difference between enema and shankh prakshalana?

Enema is a process to clean only large intestine and in this water enters through anus and then flush. 

Where as shankh prakshalan is helpful in cleaning whole digestive system i.e. small intestine, large intestine, esophagus etc. So this is more powerful method to get healthy body and mind. 

What are the benefits of Shankh Prakshalana?

  1. It is very helpful in fat loss. Read about FAT LOSS RING
  2. If anyone is suffering from nutrition deficiency in-spite of eating much then shankh prakshalan is very helpful. 
  3. It helps in increasing mind power. 
  4. Makes the digestion strong and powerful. 
  5. Saves the person from various chronic diseases.
  6. It helps in getting healthy glowing skin. 
  7. It decreases the aging process. 
  8. It cleans the small and large intestine. 
  9. Save from constipation and acidity problem.


It is good to perform this practice under proper guidance. 

How the shank prakshalan is done?

 In this actually warm lemon salt water is taken regularly and some exercises are done due to which person feel pressure immediately and release the unwanted material through toilet.  Process is continued by drinking water and evacuating it until only the clean water starts coming from anus. 

The magic is seen when we see that water comes out as it is we intake. This is the sign of pure intestine, clean intestine. 

What to do after shankh prakshalan?

When the shankh prakshalan is done then person is advised to take rest for approx 1 hour and then rice with moongdal i.e. khichdi is given with plenty of cow ghee. 

After this person is advised to increase food gradually day by day. 

Which exercises are used in performing SHANKHPRAKSHALAN process?

Following ananas are used to enhance the purification process-

  1. Tadasana
  2. Tiryaka tadasana
  3. Kati chakrasana
  4. Tiryaka bhujangasana
  5. Udarakarshanasana
  6. kakpadasana
asan used in shankh prakshalan
exercises in shankhprakshalan

Who should not do shankhprakshalan?

  • If anyone is suffering from low blood pressure or high blood pressure then do consult any expert before doing this. 
  • If you have joints problem then also do ask any expert before doing shankprakshalan. 
  • If any lady is pregnant then also don’t do this. 
  • If you are suffering from slip disc then also do avoid. 

How many times we can do shankh prakshalan in a year?

It is advised to do this once in a six month so two times in a year.

Where we can go for shankhprakshalan?

There are many yoga centers and naturopathy centers where we can join the program for detoxification like swasthya mandir run by Sewabharti, patanjali yog vidyapeeth,  naturopathy centers in rishikesh and haridwar, prakrutik chikitsa Kendra run by many yoga experts in different cities.

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So one can choose experts and centers as per their locations and facilities needed. 

So if you are suffering from chronic constipation, fat, obesity, motapa, acidity, dullness, then don’t worry, do consult any yoga expert and live a better life. 

If you have any questions or comments, about Shank Prakshalana, you can write to us in the comments section below.

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