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Types of Domain Extension

Types of Domain Extension, benefits of choosing right domain and right extension.

Domain names are very important for genuine online presence. But we generally know about .com, .in, org.,, .net, .us.

But there are many other extensions present which we can buy from domain name providers like bigrock or godaddy.
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Types of Domain Extension

As per study, we can divide domain extensions in following categories:

  1. Generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs)- like .com, .net, .org, etc.
  2. Country Code Top Level Domains (ccTLDs) - like .in, .ca(canada), .de(germany), .cn(china), .uk(united kingdom)
  3. New Generic Domain Extensions - like .photo, .tips, .tv, .shop etc.
Choosing right extension for our domain name is one of the best practice of (Search engine optimization)SEO and it helps a lot. So if you are new in this field, then you must know about some other type of domain extension so that you can choose the best extension for your website or blog.

You can choose domain name as per your need like as if you are making website for your business then you can choose one, if you want to make your personal blog you can choose other, if you are running any organization then you can choose .org, if you are going to start your photo blog then you can choose .photo extension and so on.

Domain name and extension must reflect your brand, profession so as to attract the related visitors easily.

Here Indian Bazar is providing the list of 121 domain extension which you can check and choose for your website, blog. Read about categories of blog submission>>

List of 120 domain name extensions:

  1. COM
  2. IN
  3. INFO
  5. STORE
  6. TECH
  8. SITE
  9. PRESS
  10. BR.COM
  11. CN.COM
  12. COM.DE
  13. LA
  14. JPN.COM
  15. AE.ORG
  16. US
  19. ASIA
  20. AUDIO
  21. AUTO
  22. Types of Domain Extension, benefits of choosing right domain and right extension.
  23. BAR
  24. BID
  25. BIO
  26. BLACK
  28. BLOG
  29. BLUE
  30. BUILD
  31. BUZZ
  32. BZ
  33. CAR
  34. CAREER
  35. CARS
  36. CASINO
  38. CLUB
  41. DESI
  42. DESIGN
  43. DIET
  44. EARTH
  45. ENERGY
  48. FIT
  50. GAME
  51. GDN
  52. GIFT
  53. GLOBAL
  54. GOLD
  56. Types of Domain Extension, benefits of choosing right domain and right extension.
  57. HELP
  58. HIPHOP
  59. HORSE
  60. HOST
  61. INK
  62. JOBS
  63. KIM
  64. LINK
  65. LOL
  66. LONDON
  67. LUXURY
  68. ME
  69. MENU
  70. MN
  71. MOBI
  72. MOBILE
  73. MOM
  74. NAME
  75. NEWS
  76. NGO
  77. NINJA
  78. NL
  79. NYC
  80. ONE
  81. OOO
  82. PET
  83. PHOTO
  84. PICS
  85. PINK
  86. PRO
  87. PROMO
  89. PUB
  90. RED
  91. RENT
  92. REST
  93. RODEO
  94. SC
  95. Types of Domain Extension, benefits of choosing right domain and right extension.
  97. SEXY
  99. SHOP
  100. SOCIAL
  101. STREAM
  102. SX
  103. TATTOO
  104. TEL
  105. TRADE
  106. TV
  107. VC
  108. VEGAS
  109. VODKA
  110. VOTE
  111. WEBCAM
  112. WEDDING
  113. WIKI
  114. WORK
  115. WORLD
  116. XXX
  117. XYZ
  118. YOGA
  119. IN.NET
  120. WEB.IN
  121. COM.CN
  122. COM.CO
  123. CO.UK

There are many others extensions also available which can be used as per users need.

Types of Domain Extension, benefits of choosing right domain and right extension.


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