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10 Mysterios Tekarmples of Rajasthan

10 mysterious temples of Rajasthan, Spiritual places of Rajasthan, Mystery of 10 temples of Rajasthan Astrologer views. Tour of Rajasthan is remarkable. If we visit Rajasthan then many mysteries of history will reveal it self. People from all world every year come to Rajasthan to visit the famous places. Here i am providing some mysterious temple list which will definitely increase your knowledge.  1. Brahmani Mata Temple Of Sorsan, Rajasthan: World famous Brahmani mata temple is present in Sorsan Rajastahan, Distance from Baran District is 20 kilometer approx. Important thing is that for about 550 years akhand Jyoti is fulfilling wishesh of devotees here. brahmani temple A big fair on Shivratri held here every year. Statue of Mataji is placed under a Cave.  This place is a famous shaktipeeth.  The temple is present inside an old Fort.  2. Sheetla Mata Mandir of Chaksu, Rajasthan: sheetlamata temple chaksu It is said that Sheetla mata is the goddess of Smal

Kanyakumari | Place For Peace

Kanyakumari | Place For Peace , Visiting Points of Kanyakumari-Swami Vivekananda Rock,Sant Tiruwalluwar,Gandhi Smarak,  At the south border of India a great spiritual place is present and i.e. ' KANYAKUMARI'.  This is a famous tourist and spiritual place where the people from world over come to energize them selves. This is a miraculous place surrounded by 3 Ocean Hind Mahasagar on South, Arab sagar on West and Bangal ki khadi on East. The peace of this place and the sunset view of kanya kumari are attracting the people from world over for the decades. You can easily get the treasure of sea here like shankh, sipis, kaudis etc. kanyakumari tour guide Some Important Things About KanyaKumari: The Main thing about the sunset is that you can view sunset from 15th  October to 15th of March. On the 'FullMoonDay' You can see the miracle here. The nature of sea changes here on full moon day. You can see the sunset and Moon rise about at the same time here.  Visit

Spiritual And Religious Places of India

Incredible visiting places of India, magical places of India India has always been a spiritual guru of the world. The reason behind this is the birth of saints and yogis in different part of India and also the holy books were written by them before many centuries ago. These holy books are showing the way to live a successful life in this present era too. Spiritual And Religious Places of India Many magical and spiritual incidents took place in India which are creating excitement in the mind of people of the world and due to this people from all over the world comes to India to see the proof of that incidents. There are many sacred places in India where people find peace and power to live a good life also these places are very good for yoga practice and to do other spiritual exercises. Now we will get the knowledge of some very interesting and powerful places of India which are spreading the fragrance of spirituality for the decades : SPIRITUAL or Religious PLACES