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Know Who Touched Phone ?

Know Who Touched Phone, special spy app. To capture the image of a person who touched to enter in your phone or mobile.  Mostly it happens that we keep our phone in home or office and forget for sometimes and in this case some people who are habitual of seeing what is present in others pocket try to open phone.  Now by using technology we can know that who has tried to unlock phone without permission, this third eye facility can by activated by installing special app in our mobile. Now we can catch thief easily by using technology.  Free ways to know who touched phone Let’s know about some Apps which catch who tried to touch phone in your absence: Who Tried To Unlock My Phone:  This Security Apps is available in google play store which catch the image of person who tried to use phone without knowing security option of your phone. When someone try to open then the front camera automatically activated and click the face of person.  One can easily trace the picture of frie

Best Ring For Fat loss Naturally

Best Ring For Fat loss Naturally, natural way to control obesity by using rangha ring. Fat is a major issue for people who want to live life smoothly. Because of unhealthy lifestyle and food habits now a days children, adults, youth, men, women are suffering from obesity problem. Because of this they are not able to enjoy the day to day life. Best Ring For Fat loss Naturally When time comes for marriage or job then people start thinking about losing fat and then they start finding solutions for that. If you are suffering from Fat/obesity and want to control it via natural ways then here is one of the best way and that is FAT LOSS RING. This ring is originally made by a special metal known as Rangha and the ancient maker of this ring is from Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, India. Mata jewelers from sindhi colony Ujjain is making and providing the ORIGINAL Rangha ring for fat loss for decades. People from world wide are using this ring and getting good results. If you ar

Panchkroshi Yatra Ujjain 2019

Panchkroshi Yatra In April 2019 In Ujjain, जानिए क्या सुविधाएं मिलेंगी इस बार उज्जैन पंचक्रोशी यात्रियों को, Date and significance of panchkroshi yatra in ujjain(city of mahakal). Every year panchkroshi yatra takes place in ujjain which has great religious significance. Thousands of people come in city of mahakal to take part in this religious yatra.  know about ujjain panchkroshi yatra 2019 Date of Panchkroshi Yatra in 2019: In this year this yatra will start from 29th of April,Monday and will end on 4th of May, saturday(Shanishchari amavasya). Special Facility of Meal By Ujjainy Sewa Samiti in 2019 Panchkroshi yatra: This year there is a special arrangement of meal in every HAULT PLACE i.e. Padaaw, Everyday pilgrims will get different types of food with liquid diet and sweet too this year. Generally people take meal with themselves in this yatra but this year ujjaini sewa samity has got donation to make such a huge arrangement of meal for panchkroshi yaatris. At a