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Beware Of 419 SCAM

Scammer email, save yourself from internet fraud, example of email sent by scammers.

Beware of this email by scammers or hackers, don’t let you trap by international scammers. 
In these days many emails related to winning lottery, international criminal police, job opportunities etc are coming and many are trapped in these fraud email. 
These emails comes under cyber crime and also known as ‘419 emails and letters’.
know about online fraud
Beware Of 419 SCAM

What is the meaning of ‘419 emails and letters’?

These are letters or emails by strangers who contact to transfer large amount of money from another country.

Beware of the Following email which are coming regularly in these days :

Sent by: International Criminal Police

International Criminal Police International Criminal Police Organization - ICPO
Interpol (General Secretariat) Building 19, 
12th Floor, Rama I Road, Pathum 
Wan, Bangkok 10330, Thailand. 

Your Kind Attention 

 This Official Memorandum is to inform you that we discovered that some corrupt officials who work under government agencies, and other financial agencies have attempted to divert your Funds (US$10,500,000.00) through a back-door channel. We actually discovered this today, through our Secret Agents under the Disciplinary Unit of the International Criminal Police Organization (ICPO). From the information gathered, We discovered that the said Funds actually belongs to you, but it had been purposely delayed because the officials in charge of your Payment are into some sort of irregularities which is totally against the ethics of any Payment institution. Presently, we are aware that several payment was paid on this regard, but this corrupt officials still requesting additional payment to enable them delay your payment and divert your fund for their selfish purpose. The International Criminal Police Organization (ICPO) has intervene on your behalf and your funds have been recovered. Upon your response, we shall instruct you on how to receive your fund without any delay. You are required to provide us with the below information's (for official verification).
1. Full Name:................ 2. Residential Address:.............. 3. Age:.............. 4. Marital Status:............ 5. Direct Telephone:............. 6. Occupation:............. We await your immediate compliance to this official obligation, so that you can be paid by our approved bank. 
Officially Sealed. Pol Maj-Gen Apichat Suriboonya, Head of the INTERPOL, Asia-South-Pacific

Other type of 419 scams:

  • You may get Letter/e- mail/fax that seems to be from very reputed firm name or govt. source.
  • You may get emails in which there is promise of large sums of money for little or no effort.
  • You may get email in which only administration fees is asked to pay to get large amount. 
  • Some emails contain urgency words. 
  • These emails comes from unknown sources.  Read about new way of Online blackmailing.

How To protect yourself from 419 emails and letters?

  • If you want to protect yourself from internet cheaters then first of all ask yourself that why you have got this email without any link with that person. 
  • Don’t ever respond to this type of letters, delete them at-once. 
  • Don’t transfer any amount to anyone just by communicating with phone or email. 
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As per matter available in google, these scams or fraud are generally done by criminals from Nigeria and other countries in Africa. We can see the postal address, phone number in email but they are all fake, so don’t be fooled by scammers.

Scammer email, save yourself from internet fraud, example of email sent by scammers.


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