Live Charts For Stock Analysis

Live Charts For Stock Analysis, live technical analysis of share market listed companies, research and price of shares, BSE/NSE chart, free financial charts wizards for stock analysis.
Live Charts For Stock Analysis
Data sourced from NSE feed, Updates are approx real-time. Technical Analysis Charts & Tools provided for research purpose. Please be aware of the risk's involved in
trading in share bazaar. Use your own mind too before investing in Indian share market.

What is Technical Analysis of any stock?

Technical analysis means to study the past pattern, past trend, past price movements of a particular share to predict the future movments. It does not give absolute prediction
but we can reach approx near by. Technical analysis of share market companies help the investor to take decision to invest or not in a particular company.
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What Chart shows us to perform technical analysis?

Technical analysis of any stock can tell us many thing about the stock like as -
  • When the stock was high.
  • When the price of share was low.
  • In which month or date what is the low and high price of a particular share.
  • When the share started in up trend.
  • When the share started in low trend.
  • How much is the fluctuation in certain period of time
  • We can check intra-day changes, changes in last some days, monthly changes, yearly changes etc.
  • How much is the volume in any share etc.

Some Points To Keep in Mind While Doing Technical Analysis:

Analyse the movements of share, if in any day high volume is seen then do check the news behind that movements. If you will have sound news then you can take good
Check the volume in any stock, if there is good volume then it is easy to buy and sell shares without waiting for long time. If you choose low volume shares then it is
possible that you have to wait for somedays to buy or sell shares.
Also do check the percentage of promoters in any company. If the percentage of promoters are more then investors then it is possible that you can be manipulated as per
there mind rather than market trend. High promoters leads to artificial changes.
Note: Keep in mind always that chart is unable to clear any news about company like AGM of any company, political movements in country, war news, any special
announcement by any company. So while doing technical analysis do study every factor and then take any decision.

Know The Answer Of "Why":

Sometimes major changes takes place suddenly in share market or money market but it is very important to know the reasons of changes. Do find the reasons of some questions before investing in shares like -
  1. Why the price is falling?
  2. Why the price is increasing?
  3. Why big investors are buying any stock?
  4. Why any investment company is selling any stock?
  5. Why should I buy this stock? etc.
Keep in Mind that - There is no "Hard and fast rule to predict share market" and it is said that trading is subject to market risk. There is no trend of any company, no body
knows that which news can change the mind of investor and change the trend of any company. So be careful and invest smartly.
Diversify your fund to mimize risk.

Study of Theories To Understand Share Market:

There are many theories given by experienced traders, stock analysers and mathematicians. We can also study them to understand that When any share pick the down trend,
when any company pick the up trend. What is the best time to invest in any stock, when to leave any stock.

Why Some People Not Get Success Even After doing Technical Analysis?

Some people are unable to predict the right entry price in a particular stock.
Some people are unable to predict the right exit price from a particular stock.
So don't be too late and don't be too early in trading. Here it doesn't mean that every one can get success at firs time, regular study and trading can make you successful.

  • Test your skills in stock market.
  • Check your mind power in share bazaar.
  • Check your analytical mind in indian share bazar.
Live Charts For Stock Analysis, live technical analysis of share market listed companies, research and price of shares, BSE/NSE chart, free financial charts wizards for stock analysis.

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