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Daily Astrology To Make Lucky Day

Daily Astrology To Make Lucky Day, how to make every day lucky, how to make every day successful through astrology ways, totkay for success. astrology for luck In India sages have shown many ways to avoid problems in life and people are using them for the decades and feeling there powers every day. No need to think about what the day is what the yoga is instead if we follow some easy rules then no doubts luck will make our every day successful.  Remember "Miracles happens with those WHO BELIEVES" . So have confident on the knowledge of Indian sages and Indian scholars and on yourself. Human is able to do anything in life and so this life is very important for all of us.  There is no need to get depress, no need to think negative. Some tips which we can find in our scriptures to make life successful are given in this article which every one can follow without spending any amount.  Free Astrology Ways To Make Every Day Lucky: While waking up just see

PanchKroshi Yatra In Ujjain

Panchkroshi yatra is a very special spiritual journey which held once in a year, In this yatra devotees travel 118 kilometer through feet. In very hot day when we don't want to spend a moment without cooler, Airconditioner, cold water, devotees walk to earn virtue. panchcroshi in ujjain In panchcroshi yatra devotees take blessings of 4 Mahadev which are from 84 mahadev in Ujjain. It is believed that this Parikrama of Ujjain is very auspicious and free people from sins so devotees from different places take part in this panchkroshi yatra. 4 Main Mahadev Temple In Pachkroshi Yatra: Pingleswar in East. Kayawrohaneshwar in South. Bilkeshwar Mahadev in West Durdeshwar Mahadev in North. People do this panchkroshi yatra with there family members, friends, colleagues etc. Even we can also see children enjoying this panchcroshi yatra. Laksh of people take part in this spiritual journey.  Some Important Highlights Of This Panchkroshi Yatra of Ujjain: This journey or

Best Places To Enjoy Snow in india

Snow fall in India , best places to enjoy snow fall in india, Places to spend holidays in India, snow tourist places in India. This is a dream of every one to enjoy snow fall, to play with snow, to play snow games. It gives us pleasure and different feeling of excitement. In India there are many places where we can enjoy our summer vacations quite differently. These places are covered with snow for some times in summer and we can enjoy our holidays here safely.  Make snowman here in summer holidays.  Make a plan to visit in winter too in many places to enjoy snow. Make a trip with family here to enjoy snow. Enjoy Ice skating and other ice games with friends, family members. Enjoy adventure sports in snow places. Gulmarg   images of gulmarg It is one of the favourite places of tourists specially who like snow. It is a valley and is peaceful valley situated approx 56 km from Srinagar.  Following are some visiting places in Gulmarg: If you are visiting gulmarg

Ujjain Me PANCHKROSHI Yatra Ka Mahattw

उज्जैन में पंचक्रोशि यात्रा का महत्त्व, जानिए क्यों करते हैं पंचक्रोशी यात्रा उज्जैन में.  उज्जैन पंचक्रोशी यात्रा  पंचक्रोशी यात्रा एक अध्यात्मिक यात्रा है जो की साल में एक बार ही होती है. ये यात्रा ११८ किलोमीटर की होती है जिसमे भक्तगण पैदल ही चलते हैं और ५ दिनों में पूरी करते हैं.  जहाँ गर्मियों में हम कुछ मिनुत वातानुकूलित या कूलर के बिना नहीं रह सकते हैं वहीँ भक्त भरी गर्मी में पैदल चलके इस यात्रा का पुण्य अर्जित करते हैं.  आइये जानते हैं उज्जैन में पंचक्रोशी यात्रा का महत्व इस यात्रा के दौरान भक्त ४ महादेवो से आशीर्वाद प्राप्त करते हैं जो की ८४ महादेवो में आते हैं. ऐसी मान्यता है की पुण्यमयी नगरी अवंतिका की परिक्रमा बहुत ही लाभ देती है और कैद दोषों को काटती है. इसी कारण दूर दूर से लोग इस यात्रा में शामिल होते हैं. ४ मुख्य महादेव पंचक्रोशी यात्रा के दौरान : पिंगलेश्वर महादेव जो की उज्जैन के पूर्व में है. कायावरोहण महादेव जो की दक्षिण में है. बिल्केश्वर महादेव जो की पश्चिम में है. दुर्देश्वर महादेव जो की उत्तर में हैं. लोग पंचक्रोशी यात्रा अपने परिवार, मित्रो, स

Nagdwar Yatra Panchmari

Journey to Nagdwar-Panchmari (Madhya Pradesh), Swargdwar nagdwar yatra, Videos of Nagdwar-panchmari yatra. Nagdwar Yatra Panchmari Nagdwar is one of the mysterious place present near panchmari, Madhya Pradesh. The journey to "swarg dwar Nagdwar" is very adventurous, thrilling, hard and so only strong devoted people are able to perform this yatra. It is believed that this is the way to enter in patal lok or heaven/swarg or naglog and so the name is given to this place "NAGDWAR" i.e. door to enter in the world of snake.   It is said that earlier the way was full of snakes but the miraculous fact is that no devotee is ever hurt by any snake.  There way to nag dwar is not at all easy, the dense forest, raw roads, ups and down in forest makes the way complicated. No facility of light, food and luxury.  Some Important Things About This Journey To Nagdwar, Panchmari: The scenery which you will find in this journey will be unforgettable. One can get f

Free Adposting Site For All

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