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Indian Railway Developments

Measures taken by Indian Railway As per Current railway minister Mr. Suresh Prabhu, Development happened in Indian railway.
Measures taken by Indian Railway As per Current railway minister Mr. Suresh Prabhu, Development happened in Indian railway.
Developments In Indian railway

As per Current Railway Minister Mr. Suresh Prabhu Following developments takes place in Indian Railway:

Following Safety Measures Are Taken By Indian Railway In last 2 years:

  • Capital expenditure on safety related activities increased from Rs.39,200 Cr in 2013-14 to Rs. 46,048 Cr in 2015-16. We will be further increasing it to Rs.53,727 Cr in 2016 -17.
  • Pace of track renewal has been increased substantially to over 2000 km every year.
  • Working on a mission to eliminate all unmanned level crossings by 2019.
  • All coaches to be retrofitted and improved with anti climbing and anti telescopic features over the next 4-5 years.
  • Entered into partnerships with several best-in-class global research bodies like Railway Technical Research Institute, Japan and Korean Rail Research Institute.
  • Introduction of Ultrasonic Broken Rail Detection System to detect rail fractures on a real time basis.
  • Train collision avoidance system is being introduced along high density routes.

Some other works Of Indian Railway:

  • Introduction of country's first Humsafar Express between Gorakhpur and Anand Vihar in New Delhi. It is a fully air conditioned train with host of features like GPS enabled 
  • announcement system, pleasing interiors and exteriors,CCTV system,pantry with coffee making machine and microwave oven etc. An effort to provide luxury service at affordable price point.
  • Indian Railway had revamped the general coaches into special `Deendayalu' Coaches with amenities like pure drinking water, better ergonomically designed seats for our general class passengers.
  • In the next 2 months, Indian Railway would be ready with Tejas Trains which would redefine passenger travel experience in India.
  • Indian Railway organised one of the world's largest brainstorming exercise involving all Railway employees, Rail Vikas Shivir which was graced by Honourable Prime Minister.A 
  • dedicated transformation office is being set up in the Ministry to implement innovative ideas coming out of this exercise.
  • Indian Railway commissioned high speed Wi-Fi in over 100 stations across country and would cover 200 more stations in the next year.
  • Indian Railway signed a MoU with Ministry of Urban Development to create "Smart Stations" in planned Smart Cities.
  • On the freight side, Indian Railway launched a spate of reforms including reduction in charges,liberalised key policies such as Siding and Parcel.
  • Indian Railways bagged a total of 27 National Energy Conservation Awards (NECA) this year, given annually by Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) under aegis of Ministry of Power, Government of India. This is highest ever tally by Railways.
  • Partnered with Self Help Groups to provide local cuisines on trains, and thus facilitating employment creation,women empowerment and digital financial inclusion.
  • A capital expenditure of Rs. 94,000 Cr in 2015-16 against 2009-14 annual average of Rs.46,000 Cr.
  • 2828 kms of broad gauge lines commissioned in 2015-16 against 2009-14 annual average of 1528 kms.
  • 1730 kms of electrification completed in 2015-16 against 2009-14 annual average of 1184 kms.
  • Declaration of India's first "Green Rail Corridor" of Rameswaram-Manamadurai section which is 100% human waste discharge free.
  • Installed 15000+ Bio Toilets in 2015-16.
  • Clean my Coach service started to enhance on board cleanliness.
  • E-catering, E-bedroll and E-wheelchair services introduced to provide seamless access to these services.
  • Introduced one of the world's cheapest travel insurance for our passengers at only 92 paise for insurance of up to Rs. 10 Lakh. It has now been made free of cost.
  • Reserved accommodation capacity increased to 44.7 Cr berths from 37.1 Cr.
  • Implemented one of the world's largest complaint resolution system through social media,dedicated helpline numbers.
  • 100% E-procurement of goods implemented to ensure transparency.
  • Largest ever online recruitment exam conducted with over 94 lakh applications.
  • 1000+ Water Vending Machines providing RO water installed at stations across country.
  • A total of 340+ stations have been provided with CCTV surveillance to ensure safety.
  • Mumbai Urban Transport Project (MUTP)- Phase III approved by the Cabinet with an estimated cost of Rs 11,000 Cr.
  • A total of 365 new trains have been introduced in 2014-15 and 2015-16.
  • Trials of Talgo trains capable of running at 200 kmph successfully completed.-
  • Collaboration between India and Japan on Mumbai-Ahmedabad high speed Rail project.
  • Indian Railways has been at the forefront when it comes to promoting sports in the country.Sakshi Malik, who created history by becoming the first women wrestler from India to bag an Olympic Medal is a member of our Railways family. A total of 35 sports persons who represented India in the Rio Olympics were Indian Railways employee, thus comprising almost a third of Indian contingent.
  • Three of our employees contributed in India's win in the Hockey Junior World Cup.
  • Key result areas defined for ensuring accountability, objective performance appraisal.
  • All these milestones have been set under challenging circumstances.Years of underinvestment have led to overstretched infrastructure, inadequate carrying capacity and huge unmet passenger demand. Non rationalised passenger fares and cross subsidisation by freight revenue led to strain on financial health.
  • Redevelopment of railway stations into world class modern terminals with modern passenger amenities. The construction of first such terminal being planned at Habibganj, 
  • Bhopal would get underway in next few weeks.
  • A five year investment plan of Rs. 8.56 Lakh Cr for giving a major push to infrastructure augmentation and thus create capacity for future.
  • Enabling cashless transactions across Indian Railways at all interfaces.
  • Working on a multi pronged strategy for running of high speed trains (with a speed of 300 kmph+), semi high speed trains (with a speed of 160 kmph+ - 200kmph), running of existing trains with increased speeds and introduction of faster trains.
  • A big push on enhancing non fare revenue through advertisings, leasing out of spaces etc.In a first,a Non Fare Revenue Directorate has been set up in Railway Board for this purpose.
  • More structural reforms and creation of new organizations to keep pace with the changing requirements. Railway Planning and Investment Organisation to prepare National Rail 
  • Plan 2030 and SRESTHA, a R&D organization to name a few.
  • Plan to connect all capital cities of North Eastern states to be connected with broad gauge line by 2020 and stimulating economic development of the region.
  • Two Dedicated Freight Corridors to be commissioned by 2019 which will decongest existing traffic and pave way for better passenger and freight service.
  • Making Indian Railways 100% human waste discharge free through use of Bio-Toilets.
  • Plan to generate 1000 MW solar power in next 5 years, thus becoming one of the country's largest solar power producer.
  • Undertaking Accounting Reforms to create a transparent accounting system which will enhance profitability and improve overall efficiency.
  • Implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP) to streamline operations, infuse technology, enhance efficiency.
  • Establishment of Rail University as a holistic knowledge centre for Railways.
  • LED luminaries at all stations.
  • All these visions could not be turned into reality without the support of our fellow citizens. Thus, we seek your support in taking Indian Railways to the next level and benchmark it with the best in the world.

Measures taken by Indian Railway As per Current railway minister Mr. Suresh Prabhu, Development happened in Indian railway.


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