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How Crackers Are Harmful

How crackers affect our health, harmful impacts of crackers in our life.  harmful effects of crackers Crackers are very important part of occasions, celebrations. Generally we use crackers to show our joy and happiness but we don’t know how crackers are affecting our life badly. In this article we will see the impacts of crackers in our life, how crackers affect our health, how crackers affecting our environment, etc. There are many chemicals used in making crackers and when we use it then it generates many dangerous gases which are poisonous and harmful for health. Let’s understand the chemicals used in Crackers and there impacts:  Aluminium, nitric acid, cadmium compound, lithium compound, ammonium, potassium, potassium nitrate, copper compound, antimony sulphide, barium nitrate, arsenic compound, mercury chlorides, sulpherdioxide, ozone, lead-dioxide, lead nitrate etc. are used in crackers which produces harmful gases while burning and affect our health.  Aluminium

How We Are Burning Ourselves ?

How we are burning ourselves, how acidity harm our body, how we enter in unhealthy zone unknowingly, कैसे हम अपने आप को जला रहे हैं, कैसे एसिडिटी से हम अपने आप को नुक्सान पंहुचा रहे हैं, जानिए कुछ ख़ास बाते एसिडिटी के बारे में. how we are burning ourselves India is a country of different culture; tradition and so also different variety of foods are available here. Indians are very fond of eating spicy food, tasty food having oil and spices of different kinds. People from world wide come in India to taste tasty foods. But we don’t know that some foods are responsible to increase acidity in body due to which various problems arises.  In this article we will see that what types of food increase acidity in body and what are the impacts of acidic foods. Foods that enhance acidity in body: Food that enters in body gives us acid and salt both and for healthy life it is necessary to have both acid and salt in a balance amount. If any thing increases in body then no doubt there

Let's Know About KETCHUP

Tomato ketchup secrets, how to use ketchup, when not to use ketchup, आइये जानते हैं केचप के बारे में, कैसे प्रयोग करे केचप का.  facts of ketchup Tomato ketchup is a generally used by everyone; it gives the taste to snacks and so is present in generally every home and offices.  Tomato ketchup can be made easily at home and so many companies also make it which are available in market. Ketchup was first made in china and in 1857 it became popular worldwide.  In 1857 Henz Company has made first tomato ketchup and sold it.  The surprising fact about ketchup is that we don’t know much about ketchup except it is made by tomatoes but we use it daily in life. Some use it to make vegetables; some use it with snacks etc.  As per food and drug administration ketchup contains tomatoes, vinegar, sugar, spices, onion, garlic etc.  Dangerous content in Ketchup : Some uses FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP to make the ketchup tasty but it is very dangerous for health so while buying ketchup