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Important information related to plastic bottles, significance of numbers written on plastic containers, bottles, What points to keep in mind while buying plastic bottles.  plastic Numbers meaning We generally use plastic things like bottles, confectioneries, plastic containers, plastic packaged products etc because they are easy to handle. But all the plastics are not good from the point of view of health.  Due to lack of knowledge we don't care what we are buying, we buy which is good looking but this article will give you important information on plastic bottles.  Know Your Plastic Bottles And Plastic Things: When we look at the back of bottles then we can find that there is a symbol and a number with alphabets are present , this shows the chemicals used in making these products.  Let's Understand These Numbers: 1. Polyethylene terephthalate(PETE)- This is the most common plastic and also used to make cold drinks and water bottles too. This is t

Best Computer Franchise Proposal

Best computer franchise offer by an indian institute, Affiliate opportunity to run computer center under Akhil Bhartiya Computer Siksha Abhiyan, how to Open computer center at a very low cost, Best computer franchise offer, Affiliate your computer center by Akhil Bhartiya Computer Siksha Abhiyan, Open computer center at a very low cost. Franchise of computer center Are you running computer center in India. Are you in search of an ISO certified institution to affiliate your own computer center in India.  Do you want to open a computer center in India at very low cost by taking franchise of a computer center.  Do you want to run a computer course in your school or in any training center, here is an opportunity of franchise at low cost by ABCSA.  Akhil Bhartiya Computer Siksha Abhiyan(ABCSA) is a national level computer instituion running successfully In India.  Get Affiliation/Authorization/Franchise of ABCSA at very low cost now and open computer center any whe