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Mahakal Sahi Sawari

Mahakal Sahi Sawari, secrets of mahakal royal procession ujjain, significance of mahakal sahi sawari. sahi sawari of mahakal in ujjain siginificance After ending of shravan month, special procession of BABA MAHAKAL takes place every year on monday. This is also called sahi sawari of mahakal, devotees from world wide comes in ujjain to take blessings of god of time on this auspicious day.  Whole the year devotees wait for this magical day when the environment of Ujjaini becomes fill with blessings of shiva. On this procession baba mahakal bless devotees in different themes. Many types of special arrangements are done for this SAHI SAWARI OF MAHAKAL like as- Royal dressed band with special designed dresses. Special horse riders with a unique dress code. Different decorated elephants also take part in this sahi sawari. Hundreds of stages are made to welcome mahakal procession at different places.  Many types of Bhajan singers groups take part in this sahi sawari.

Are You Going To Buy Used CAR ?

Are you going to buy used car, free tips to buy car, precautions while buying used car. Free tips to keep in mind while buying used cars When point comes in mind to buy used car then we want to buy a good conditioned car at cheapest price.  There are many reasons to buy used car- Some buy used car because of saving money.  Some buy used car because they want to practice driving with old car.  Some buy used car because  Some don't want to indulge themselves in formalities with dealers. Some want to save sales tax in new car. Some get good conditioned car at best price. Now a days market of buying and selling used car in increasing rapidly and so it is also necessary to know some important points before buying any new car, Here in this article we are going to see some key points which must be kept in mind before buying new car. Be sure to buy loan free car and also take the no dues receipt if car was bought via loan from any bank other wise you may face

How To Get Healthy Lips Naturally

How to get healthy lips naturally, free tips for beautiful lips, sexy lips naturally, 7 tips to get smooth lips.  Lips are very important part of our face, healthy lips enhances our beauty and attract people and so every one want good lips. We try to keep our lips pink, smooth and attractive and for this we use several techniques. But in this article we will see some home ways, natural ways to make our lips beautiful. Cosmetics items which are treated chemically are very dangerous for lips and so it is good to adopt some natural ways.  Let's See Some Best Natural and Harmless Ways For Sexy LIPS: If lips are getting dark and dry then mix lemon in glycerine and put it on lips. It is a very good way to keep the lips smooth and also gradually remove the darkness.  Another way to get healthy lips is that mix honey and lemon and put the mixture for 1 hour on lips and then wash it. It will also give you healthy and beautiful lips. If you want pink lips naturally then rub

Secrets Of Indian National Flag

Secrets of TIRANGA, how to maintain dignity of indian national flag, precautions to be taken while using national flag. Know about indian national flag Indian national flag is the symbol of success, power, prosperity. Every indian is proud to see there national flag any time specially on 15th august, 26th January. It is the responsibility of every Indian to maintain the dignity of our national flag and for this it is necessary to have some key knowledge of our national flag.  Now a days we are seeing that every one try to put the flag in office, home street corners etc. So it is necessary to have some basic knowledge our TIRANGA. Let's Know Some Important Things about TIRANGA: 1. It should in the size of 3X2 (length and width). 2. There must be 3 colors in Indian flag i.e. Kesaria at top, White in middle and Green at bottom. 3. There must be a Ashoka Chakra in the middle of white color area and it must have 24 lines. 4. Government of India has approved 9 d

Indian Franchise Provider To Start A Computer Center

Best Franchise Provider To Open Computer Centre, how to certify computer Institute from trusted Institution, Start computer centre at very low investment, Best opportunity to earn. work for every one, generate income from computer teaching in your area Franchise provider to open computer center. ABCSA Review Indian bazars always provide the needed details to visitors to know about the best indian markets and here again Indian bazaar is providing details about an autonomous institution which is running for years and generating computer literates in India. A National Level Computer Awareness Programme by ABCSA. Read below more about this institution in India. Akhil Bhartiya Computer Siksha Abhiyan(ABCSA) is one of the best institution established to provide computer education in India. It is an ISO certified institution working successfully for the years all over India. It is one of the best institution which is providing opportunities to the job seeker and the person who