Shops For Simhastha 2016 In Ujjain Kumbh Mela

Shops for simhastha 2016 In ujjain kumbh mela, Make money in Ujjain kumb mela 2016.
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Simhastha or kumbh mela is one of the biggest spiritual fair in the world and crores of people come to take part in this holy mela. So it is the best time for the businessmen also to earn money by selling there products and different services. 

Ujjain is also preparing great for simhastha 2016. For authorities have planned to offer 1145 Shops for businessmen. It is necessary to take license to open shop in simhastha area. 

Bhukhi mata area is the main biggest area where most of the shops will be available to run temporary business. 

Follwoing are the important Information for the people who are interested to open shop in Simhastha 2016:
1. Plots can be available at the rate of 25/- INR per square feet.
2. Plot holder have to give 14.50% service tax of the total amount of the plot. 
3. Licence amount will be from 20/- to 2000/- INR.
4. Lottery system will be used to distribute shops in shimhastha area. 

Prohibited Shops In Kumbh Mela 2016:
No one can able to open shops for the following :
1. Plastic disposals products shops are prohibited in simhastha area.
2. water pouch shops are also prohibited. 
3. Sugarcane juice shops are also prohibited in kumbmela area. 
4. Non veg like fish, meat, eggs shops are also prohibited.
5. any type of drugs is also prohibited. 
6. Smoking products and tobacco related products are also prohibited. 

Total Available Plots In Different Area For Simhastha 2016:
Shops for simhastha 2016 In ujjain kumbh mela, Make money in Ujjain kumb mela 2016.

1. In Sector A :
Total Plots = 232
Plot size = 100 Square Feet
Fees = 2893 (Licence fees etc/)
Area = Mangalnath, khilchipur, dutt akhada, laalpur, harsiddhi. 

2. In Sector B:
Total Plots = 312
Plot size = 150 Square Feet
Fees = 4294 (Licence fees etc/)
Area = Mangalnath, gadkalika, khilchipur, khaakchok, ujadkheda-1

3. In Sector C:
Total Plots = 16
Plot size = 225 Square Feet
Fees = 6441 (Licence fees etc/)
Area = Harsiddhi and Laalpur

4. In Sector D:
Total Plots = 410
Plot size = 300 Square Feet
Fees = 8588 (Licence fees etc/)
Area = Siddhwat, Kaalbhairav, Ujadkheda 1 and 2.

5. In Sector E:
Total Plots = 28
Plot size = 375 Square Feet
Fees = 10735 (Licence fees etc/)
Area = Bhookhi Mata

6. In Sector F:
Total Plots = 147
Plot size = 450 Square Feet
Fees = 12882 (Licence fees etc/)
Area = Bhookhi Mata

How To Apply For Taking Shops In Simhastha 2016/Kumbh Mela 2016:
1. Application will be accepted till 12th February 2016 in "Mukhya Van Sanrakshak Karyalay" in udyan marg. 
2. With application form, it is also necessary to submit ID proof and address proof. 
3. Applicants can get information after 12th february about lottery system. 
4. Plot holder can run there business from 1st April to 25th may 2016.
5. It is also necessary to take licence to run business in simhastha area. 

So if you want to make money in simhastha then do apply for taking shops in ujjain simhastha 2016 and start your business for approx 85 days. Make money in simhastha 2016, kumb mela in Ujjaini.

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