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Why Indian Stock Price Falls

why Indian stock prices falls, the reason of falling price of shares, why stock market go downward, free tips to invest in equity safely. reason of price share price falling If you are reading this article on "" that means you are very interested to know the indian share market and also you want to learn and earn through trading.  It is a good thing to invest in equities to get good return in short and long run both. But every investments are subjected to market risk , this is a basic rule which everyone must keep in mind while investing anywhere. But we can decrease the risk by having knowledge of related subjects in depth. Falling prices is a basic event which is generally seen daily in stock market and no one can predict this because share market is very volatile.  Some basic questions which comes in minds of beginners are : Whenever I buy shares , the prices comes down. Why prices falls when I buy stocks? why sensex/Nifty falls