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Dangerous popular dog Breeds in the World

Dangerous popular dog Breeds in the World, best and powerful dog breeds in the world.  Dogs are favorite pets of people but there are many breeds of dogs which are dangerous and not safe normally. So here in this article for knowledge details of dog breeds are given. One should take care of these breeds while bringing at home. In some countries these breeds are even banned and so do think carefully before bringing these breeds. If you are a dog lover then this article is for you. know about various popular breeds of dogs. Dangerous popular dog Breeds in the World Here are the list of best and popular dog breeds in the world: Akita inu American bulldog American bandog American Staffordshire terrier Boerboels Bloodhound Chowchow Czechoslovakian wolf dog Doberman pinscher Dogo argentine Fila brasileiro German shepherd Japanese tosa Neopolitan mastiff Presa canario Dogo mallorquín Pitbull terrier Rottweilers Tibetan mastiff Wolf dog Akita inu: akita inu The Akita-inu dog is a dog

What is sugar dating

What is the meaning of sugar dating?, who is a sugar baby, benefits of sugar dating, trending fashion.

Sugar dating is trending in these days not only in foreign country but also in india too. Now the question is what is sugar dating, why it has come in trend. In this article we will learn about this new concept.

What is the meaning of sugar dating?, who is a sugar baby, benefits of sugar dating, trending fashion.
What is sugar dating



When any young person makes intimate relationship with any older person then this is called sugar dating or SUGARING. In actual this is exchange of needs because there are many ones who are in need of money where on other hand there are many people who are well settled, financially strong and living a lavish life but are alone, so younger’s makes relationship with these types of people and exchange their needs. 

पढ़िए चरम सुख क्या होता है ?

Who are sugar babies?

Those persons who take money, gifts or anything else from older in-order to fulfill their needs those persons are called sugar babies. 

Who are sugar daddy or sugar momma?

Persons who pay or give gifts to younger in order to spend time with them are called sugar daddy or sugar momma. 

What do sugar daddies want?

These are the people who are well settled and are financially strong and so these people look for partner who can spend quality time with them physically and mentally. They are actually alone but have good experience of life, sound financial position and so they want a real young partner to spend spare time. They give a lavish life to partner.

Types of relationship in sugar dating:

There are many couple who change partner after a short time but there are many relationships which goes longer because of their good mutual understanding.  

There are 2 types of relationship as per experience:

  • Short term sugar dating 
  • Long term sugar dating

How do sugar daddies usually pay?

Sugar daddies are financially sound persons and so they are able to pay a good amount in cash or as gift. They can weekly or monthly or per date to their partner. 

Who is sugar mama or sugar momma?

Sugar mama meaning a older woman who gives financial support and lavishly life to a younger lover.

In early time sugar mama refers to a married woman who give financial support to a younger lover. 

So basically there are 3 important terms in sugar dating:

  1. Sugar daddy
  2. Sugar baby
  3. Sugar momma 

Benefits of sugar dating:

In actual the loneliness is a curse and so no one want to live an ascetic life. Human is a social animal and so unable to live a life alone and so everyone are in search of a deserving partner and here age is not a limit. 

Young person are in need of money, enjoyment, party and old persons need a company, enjoyment so sugar dating is beneficial for both. There is exchange of needs and so both become happy.

 पढ़िए चुम्बन से कैसे बना सकते हैं दीवाना 

What is the meaning of sugar dating?, who is a sugar baby, benefits of sugar dating, trending fashion.


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