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Transferred money to wrong account what to do

What to do if fund Transferred to the Wrong Account?, क्या करें अगर गलती से पैसा किसी और खाता में चला गया हो ?, rules of RBI to get our money back. In this digital age we perform most of our transactions digitally through NEFT/IMPS/UPI etc. Sometimes it is possible that by mistake we transferred money in any other account. So in this article we will know that = how to recover our money from other account? What are the rules of RBI to get our money back? What steps to follow to get our money back from other account? First of all don’t worry about your mistakes because no one can use your fund without your permission.  But you have to go through long procedures which may disturb you so it is good to take some precautions before doing any big transaction. Transferred money to wrong account what to do हिंदी में पढ़िए क्या करें अगर गलती से दुसरे के खाते में पैसा चला गया हो ? Here are some tips to keep in mind before making digital payment: Check the account number twice before sub

Tips for successful marriage

 Best tips for successful marriage, how to live like happy couples, marriage advice.  It is generally seen that the craze and excitement of marriage life get fade with time and this is the most problematic part of personal life. This is not in case of arrange-marriage in-fact in love life too couples are facing this problem. So this is necessary to know some important points to enjoy the whole life. Tips for successful marriage   This article is beneficial for everyone who are newly married or who have passed a lots of year with together.  You will get tips to enhance romance, enthusiasm in your life.  Let’s see the problems which a couple face after sometime of marriage: Stress starts ruining your life. Couples start gets bore from each other. Lack of communication make the the distance.  Fighting with each other starts.  Misconceptions start in life.  Love converts in hate.  Some couple take divorce. Extramarital affairs also ruin the life etc. So there are many problems wh