How bloggers earn money without Ad-sense

Learn about 6 tricks to make money through blog without ad-sense.
How bloggers earn money without ad sense?, this is a very important questions and generally new bloggers are very curious to know about the ways to earn money without using ad sense platform.So in this article I am going to reveal the secrets of earning without running any ads by google.
6 ways to earn money online with a blog without ad sense
How bloggers earn money without Ad-sense

If you are new in blogging platform and thinking of making money through blogs then no doubt, you are in right place but due to increase of competition, it is not as easy and also the policies of google for authentic sites are very strict.

First of all if you want to make money online then don’t be hurry. Patience is the core for anyone who wants to earn online. Remember that castle cannot be made in an hour. So creative work regularly is the need for everyone who want make money from blogs.

Now let’s move on to our main topic which is how bloggers earn money without ad sense?

There are many ways to earn from blogs but there are some conditions:
  • Your blog must be old.
  • It must have online reputation.
  • Blog must be optimized and getting regular organic traffic.
  • You must work on it on regular basis.
Now if your blog comes in the above points then no doubt you don’t have to worry about making money. Why I am saying this, because after this opportunities will knock your door automatically. The same case happened with me after 1 and half year.

I also surprised when I got the first mail from promoters that they want a back link from my site and for that they will pay me.

No one has told be before that I can make money by this. I was in the mood to start google ad sense but I came to know that there is a new way to make money and i.e. selling back link. And not only this. There are other ways to which I came to know after sometime. I am providing all those details in this article that how one can earn money without using Ad-sense.

Let’s start here:

  1. A good blog is able to sell BACK LINK i.e. if you have good online reputation and organic traffic then some promoters will contact you to buy back links from your site. You can make a good deal by talking to them.
    paid back links to earn money
    paid back link
  2. Guest bloggers can approach you to publish their article and for that they will pay you. Now the question is why they pay to publish their article, so the answer is that some copywriters want to make their goodwill online by collaborating with several sites. By this they get good opportunity from anywhere else. So by promoting them also, a blogger can make money without ad sense.
    paid guest blogging platform
    paid guest blogging
  3. Some private sellers will contact you to promote their products in your blog and for that they provide you money. So if you have a reputed and optimized blog then you can easily earn money.
    take money and promote other in your blog
    paid promotion
  4. Selling ad-space in your blog is powerful and successful money making way. You can put ads of different companies if they approach you. You can also offer companies by approaching them personally through email or by making a page which will have all the terms and conditions.
    make money by selling ad space in blog
    sell ad space
  5. Affiliate marketing is another good way to earn. In this, bloggers write the reviews of products and ask visitors to buy from their link. By this you can earn commission.
    earn commission to make money
    affiliate marketing
  6. Paid review is also another way to make money online. Due to increase of competition, entrepreneur and companies want their positive reviews in different websites and for this they pay a good amount to bloggers. If you have a reputed blog then you can definitely get this opportunity in long run.
    paid reviews of good products
    paid reviews
Above I have shown the 6 genuine ways to earn money without ad sense. If you are making your mind to enter in online world then don’t give-up. Prepare your mind to to do something special. Ready to do continuous creative work to attract visitors anyhow.

Also keep in mind that don’t try to cheat you visitors, By this you can lose visitor trust which will affect badly.

A reputed blogger is able to earn from local market as well as from international market too and without going anywhere. So time has changed now, understand the google search engine, know about your qualities and start blogging. Wait for some time and believe, you don’t have to go anywhere to make money.

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How bloggers earn money without ad-sense, example with illustration, 6 ways to make money with blog without ad sense.

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