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Can We Leave Chinese Food

Chinese food which are dangerous for immunity, why to leave Chinese food for healthy life?

Whole India is moving towards a new mission and i.e. eradicate the Chinese items from our home, city and country but here I am not talking about which apps to uninstall, which products to not use.
Here in this article we are going to know about a very important subject which is most important for everyone children, adults, senior citizens.
why to avoid chinese fast foods
Can We Leave Chinese Food

I am talking about CHINESE FOODs which are heavily being used in india and now it is becoming a part of our meal.

Do you know that Some Chinese foods are very dangerous for us because of the ingredients used in preparing those items?

People are searching many questions related to Chinese foods like as -
  • Is it safe to eat Chinese food during corona virus?
  • How does eating fast foods affect our health?
  • What are Indian Chinese food?
  • What effect do noodles and Chinese food have on health?
  • What is bad for you in Chinese food?

Let’s Know why this meal is dangerous for Us?

  1. This is high in sodium, which is associated with an increased risk of high blood pressure. Chinese food lovers believe that soy sauce is beneficial for health but the truth is different. Natural soy sauce needs approx 18 month to prepare. But now a days it is made in 2 to 3 days artificially which is not at all good for health.
  2. Cooks also use lots of sour ingredients while making these foods which are not at all good for immunity.
  3. Chinese food also contains Ajinomoto, monosodium glutamate which increase the risk of Cancer.
  4. Chinese fried rice, fatty meat dishes are heavy to digest and affect the digestive system and give rise to fat.
  5. The large amount of salt present in it causes serious health issues gradually.
  6. This enhances the risk of breast cancer in females.
  7. Thyroid problem may also arise due to regular use of this.
  8. It affects sperm count which will generate the baby issues.
  9. MSG in soy sauce affects the neurological health.
  10. It also affects the power of Mineral absorption in body.
  11. User of Chinese food also face problem of Protein digestion.
  12. It give rise to cardiovascular diseases.
  13. Pregnant women if consume Chinese food daily then affect the growth of baby.
  14. Kidneys are also affected badly.
  15. If anyone is suffering from asthma then serious issues may arise by using Chinese foods.
Now people are so habitual of using fast foods that when they have nothing to eat healthy then eat Chinese foods and they never know what they are eating.
Even children have become addict of using these foods and parents don’t know about the bad impacts of these things.

Now the BIG QUESTION is that can we leave these Chinese foods to live a better life with a powerful immune systems

Let’s check the list of some popular Chinese foods in India:

  1. Hakka noodles are very popular in india and also a popular street foods and available mostly every corner of the country.
  2. Chicken lollipops another very popular and on demand Chinese recipe used as an appetizer in india and is very popular among non-veg lovers. Deep frying is done and so is very dangerous for health. It contains lots of oil, salt, and other spices which affect the health badly.
  3. Gobhi Manchurian is another delicious item which is available in all Chinese restaurant and it is made with cauliflowers, onions, chilies, garlic, ginger, soya sauce, etc. it is served with noodles. It is also deep fried and so contains heavy oil.
  4. Chili chicken is also very demanding Chinese food and contains chili, garlic, ginger, spices, oil, etc. and is also deep fried to enhance taste.
We are not unaware of this that by using these items on regular basis, many health issues arise but people take medicines to control acidity, gas, constipation, blood pressure etc. But gradually the body become habitual of digest the medicines too and so more heavy doses are necessary.
So we actually are pushing our children towards a unhealthy life by giving them bad Chinese foods.

Know let’s know about Essential Chinese Pantry Ingredients:

  • soy sauce/dark soy sauce affect the immunity badly and increase the risk of cancer.
  • Shaoxing wine which is not good for liver, kidneys and brain. It give rise to headaches, vomiting, breathing problem, exhaustion and unconsciousness.
  • Oyster sauce- this come from Thailand, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan and contains excessive amounts of two forms of chloropropanol, chemicals with the potential to cause cancer.
  • Cornstarch- This is s very high in calories and carbohydrates, and it has little nutritional content. If you want to control your blood sugar level, cholesterol then better to avoid this.
  • Ground white pepper-It is found the user of this may suffer from fast heart rate, nausea, headache, coughing, sneezing. So is dangerous if not taken in controlled amount.
  • Garlic, ginger, onions are also used in large amount in Chinese food and people with weak digestion problem may suffer with serious issues.

If anyone is suffering from obesity, indigestion, asthma, acidity, immunity problem then by consuming Chinese food may give rise to serious health issues.

Indian foods are best to develop immunity and allow everyone to live a healthy wealthy and successful life. World is following Indian culture in these days then why not we.

Avoid Chinese things totally and see the changes in life.

Hindi an chini will never be bhai bhai. Avoid Chinese things totally and become real Indian Heroes.

Chinese food which are dangerous for immunity, why to leave Chinese food for healthy life?


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