Which business are in High risk after lock down

Which business are on risk after lockdown?, how the Indian bazaar will respond after lock down?.
  • Is this the right time to boost career?
  • Is this the best time to upgrade plans?
  • Is this the right time to think about expansion plan? Or is this the right time to switch earning sources.
    Which business are on risk after lockdown?, how the Indian bazaar will respond after lock down?.
    Which business are in High risk after lock down

Today scenario has compelled everyone to think from zero. Because Unemployment is increasing, businesses are collapsing and no one is getting the right ideas at this crucial time to think perfectly.
What is the future of businesses, what is the future of educated people, what will happen with unemployed people?

Indian bazaar is very sensitive and due to the global virus attack Covid 19, now there is environment of fear all over. Lock-down has compelled the entrepreneurs to think differently otherwise it will be difficult to survive in coming days. Read about Fraud of fake interview calls>>

In this article, we will see that how the changing thinking, changing environment, changing scenario will affect the different business segment.
  1. Let’s start from Tourism Department: Since from lock down the movement of visitors has come to end. Now no one is going to any tourist place and so the places which are totally dependent upon tourist have entered in danger zone. There is no surety that we can see the same traffic in these tourist places after lockdown. Because now a days the main focus of everyone is on earning source. So definitely people who are totally dependent upon Tourists in Indian bazars must think in a new way to generate earning source.
  2. Tours and Travel Sector: This segment of Indian bazaar is suffering a lot because due to lock down, people are not even going for work and so all taxi, auto, buses are In hold. And definitely after lockdown also we cannot expect the same crown again which will definitely a ‘matter of concern’. Those who have bought taxis, auto, buses and dependent upon travelers are thinking about how to generate income now and after lock down.
  3. Let’s talk about Restaurants: Now days a new word social distancing has emerged and so now it will be difficult for people to visits restaurants like earlier. This mentality will definitely affect the Restaurant sectors and so many will be shut down and many workers become unemployed. So there is need to think from starting to generate income.
  4. Hotel Industry: This segment will also suffer a lot after lock down because people will avoid to go out for work and for wandering here and there. One important concept has entered in mind that we are safe in our home and also there is not surety that lock down will not happen again. So people will try to work in local level. This will definitely affect the hotel industry a lot.
  5. What about online business after lock down? : This is very important to keep in mind that when we order any product online then it passes through many hands and so people will avoid ordering online, This will also affect the online sellers business. So new plans are needed to enhance the online business.
  6. What about Pizza Delivery centers? : This sector is also not untouched with Covid 19 virus and so people will definitely avoid ordering pizza because in actual it is not healthy food and affect the immune system badly. Now people are getting health conscious. So this business will also go down and arise unemployment in Indian bazaar. Thousands of young people are doing job in pizza centers and so is a matter of concern.
  7. How much fast food centers will suffer? : This is another important segment, fast is now a days very popular and people are addict of eating different types of fast food in these days. But due to lock down people are getting aware of hygiene and immunity. Fast foods are not good for immune system and so after lock down these centers will also suffer a lot. So it is necessary for the Fast food centers owners to think from new angle to develop business.There is another important thing to note that fast food centers are dependent upon Chinese foods which are not at all healthy and this will also affect business. Now CHINESE WORD IS A SIGN OF DANGER for whole world.
  8. What about Construction Business? : This is another important segment which will suffer a lot because workers has migrated from big cities to their village and so due to lack of man power, this sector may also suffer heavily in India. So it is possible that property may rise and due to this the buying rate will go down. This will directly affect the investors. So it is necessary to for investors to think properly before investing in real estate. Indian bazaar is very in-stable in these days and no one can predict the stability time now, so time is crucial and there is need to think in a different way.
  9. What will happen in automobile sector? : This sector is already being suffered for long and now after this covid 19 virus case, it will become difficult for this sector to boom again in Indian bazaar. Thousands of engineers have lost their jobs from automobile industry and in future too, the scene is not good.So maybe it is the right time to switch field.
Mostly every segment is affected due to the current scenario and now every Indian must think in a creative way to stand in this environment.
Life changing time is going on; everyone needs a good immune, healthy mind and body to stand in this environment.
Think deeply on every topic and then take decision about making relationship, doing job, starting business.
Think about what to eat now for healthy immune system. How much to work?, and what to do to generate income in Indian bazaar. Think about savings and to limit expenses to survive in crucial time.

Which business are on risk after lock-down?, how the Indian bazaar will respond after lock down?.

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