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Turn blog visitors into customers

How to turn blog visitors into customers or clients, how to increase conversion rate?

How to turn blog visitors into customers is the most important topic which is necessary for mostly every blogger. This is a main problem with some bloggers who have made blogs to sell some products or services that visitors are not converting into customers or clients and this generate frustration in mind.
How to turn blog visitors into customers or clients, how to increase conversion rate?
Turn blog visitors into customers

There are many questions arises in mind related to this like as :

  • Why visitors are not interested in taking services or products from my blog?
  • Where I am lacking?
  • What change is needed to change the blog readers to clients or customers?
  • How to turn my blog into a selling machine?
  • How to make my blog money making machine?
This article will definitely work as an eye opener for you if you are also passing through the problem of not getting satisfactory income from your blog.
Big companies are hiring bloggers in these days to boost the sales and goodwill in online market but many are not getting success. Some bloggers are struggling a lot to convert the traffic into clients or customers.
Conversion rate is very much important for every businessmen and service providers because if conversion rate is good then nobody can stop to become a successful entrepreneur.
It doesn’t matter that how much traffic you are getting, if your conversion rate is not satisfactory then you will get frustrate and you will not get energy to work more so this is the most important part for bloggers.

Conversion rates of any blog depends upon many things :

  1. How the layout of your blog is?
  2. Do your blog has eye catching headlines?
  3. Is your article is interacting with the visitors clearly.
  4. Do the visitors are getting the something for which they have entered in your blog?
  5. If the blogger is providing the query solving facility.
  6. Is your blog is able to win the trust of visitors.
If any new blogger want to convert visitors into customers or clients then it is necessary to make Research in-depth and then make a solid strategy to design your blog otherwise after sometime you will get frustrated and stop working on your blog.
Think regularly about how to convert visitors into customers.

Steps to Make powerful and optimized blog so as to increase the conversion rate:

  1. First of all set clear goal in your mind about what do you want from your blog like whether you want to increase traffic only or do you want to stick your visitors with your blog, do you want people to come again and again in your website. There is another important thing to think and i.e. how do you want to earn from your blog i.e. through advertisement like Google adsense or do you want to sell products or services through your website.
  2. Now work on designing layout of your blog i.e. in which part you should put the latest articles list, where to put newsletter form, where to put important links, where to put customer service links for visitors and clients, comments section etc.
  3. Now next important step is to work on keywords, this is very important because until you know about what your customers search in web or search engine like Google, you will never get the desired results.
  4. Think on questions/ queries which may be searched by your customers.
  5. Now learn about copy-writing as per search engine and then start writing articles about your subjects and as per the need of your customers. Make everything clear, don’t make it hodgepodge just to increase the words of article to optimize it. This rule never works and visitors just exit the site, if it is unable to clear the objective of preset mind of blog visitors.
  6. Don’t forget to provide the contact link in your articles also do clear the terms and conditions clearly. This will help you to get in touch with only needed people.
  7. After publishing the blog, don’t think that your work is over because when your blog becomes online then main work will start. You have to monitor your traffic, bounce rate, queries which are driving traffic to your blog. The main aim to do these analyses is to work more and reform your articles to increase the conversion regularly.
  8. This is a fact that at first attempt, it is not possible to get the grand success, So try regularly, study regularly and see how your conversion rate will increase day by day.
  9. Do study the psychology of your customers and apply these research while making blog and writing articles.
  10. Strategy is not same for every blog, this depends upon the goal of your blog.
  11. Also don’t write and write, do visualize your ideas too, this will certainly help to make visitors stick with your blog.
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How to turn blog visitors into customers or clients, how to increase conversion rate?


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