Know Who Touched Phone ?

Know Who Touched Phone, special spy app. To capture the image of a person who touched to enter in your phone or mobile. 

Mostly it happens that we keep our phone in home or office and forget for sometimes and in this case some people who are habitual of seeing what is present in others pocket try to open phone. 
Now by using technology we can know that who has tried to unlock phone without permission, this third eye facility can by activated by installing special app in our mobile. Now we can catch thief easily by using technology. 
app to know who touched phone
Free ways to know who touched phone

Let’s know about some Apps which catch who tried to touch phone in your absence:

  1. Who Tried To Unlock My Phone:  This Security Apps is available in google play store which catch the image of person who tried to use phone without knowing security option of your phone. When someone try to open then the front camera automatically activated and click the face of person.  One can easily trace the picture of friends, family members, colleague etc by using this security app. 
  2. Third Eye App: You can use this IIIrd Eye app to trace mobile snoopers with ease. When anyone try to access with wrong PIN, Pattern or Password then your mobile will click the photo of person. This app also tells then when your phone was unlocked last time. 
  3. Lock-watch : This is a very smart app which takes the photo of thief and email it so that you can track easily. 

FREE FEATURES of lock watch app:

  • Takes a secret photo using the front camera when someone tries to unlock your phone with the wrong code.
  • Sends you an email with the photo, GPS co-ordinates, and a map.
  • Completely silent and invisible. The thief won't know they're being recorded.
  • Very small app (less than 1 MB) and no battery drain. It only runs when the wrong unlock code is entered.

Each unlock attempt must be at least 4 digits or dots otherwise it will not register as an attempt. Wait at least 10 seconds before entering the correct code otherwise Lockwatch will discard the email.


All of these additional features are available when you upgrade to Lockwatch Premium in the app. This costs about $4 USD but you only need to purchase this once.
  • Detect SIM card changes - Lockwatch will email you if someone inserts a new SIM card in your phone. It will even include the SIM phone number and subscriber ID in the email (if possible). 
  • Send email when powered on - If the thief turns your phone off and turns it back on when they are home, you will be notified of their location.
  • Take multiple photos - Instead of just one photo, 'Lock watch' will take three photos about one second apart. This improves your chances of getting a good image of the thief.
  • Record sound clip - Lockwatch will record a 20 second audio clip using the phone's microphone. It does this whilst it is taking photos and getting the GPS location.
So make yourself secured and keep knowing who is trying to access your information anywhere anytime by using these security spy apps.

Know Who Touched Phone, special spy app. To capture the image of a person who touched to enter in your phone or mobile. 

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