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Reasons of Under-performance of Website

Many people are worried about there under performance of website or blog but in-spite of trying a lot it is not possible to increase the traffic. There may be various reasons of under performance of website/blog which are given below.  If you are curious about finding reasons of your bad online performance then you can use this article of indian bazars as guide.  Reasons of Under-performance of Website Not having quality traffic affect the sales of company/organization/firm etc. So it is necessary to have quality users in our blog or website. 15 Reasons of Bad Online Performance: It is possible that you have not used the proper keywords as per guidelines of google which is affecting visibility of your blog or website in first page of google-search. There is chance that your site has On-Page and On-Site issues, which affects the ranking regularly. It may be possible that your site has mobile visibility issues which also affect the ranking of site in these days.  Quality