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Swami Samarth Full Movie

AkkalkotKe Swami Samarth Full Movie, watch miracles of swami samarth in this Bhakti Movie. 
 If you are fond of devotional hindi movie, bhakti movie, cinema on siddha gurus of India then here is one of the best movie on SWAMI SAMARTH who is one of the great siddha of India. He is supposed to be the 16th incarnation of lord "Dutt Maharaj". 

It is believed that he appeared on Chaitra shukla Dwitiya after spending 300 years in samadhi. After this he wandered all over India and shows his Leela or miracles.
This is a fact that he is no more with physical body but his divine presence is felt by devotees in theses days too and so followers visit akkalkot daily to seek his blessings. 

Watch Here Movie अक्कलकोट के स्वामी समर्थ in full screen:

full movie of akkal kot ke swami samarth
Swami Samarth Full Movie 
Swami samarth has lived in Akkalkot for long and so he is known as akkalkot swami samarth.
This is produced by subhash pardeshi and directed by Raju Sawant.
Starcast: Shrikant Ayachit,Pravin Tarade,Milind Shinde, Vidya Bhagwat, Sunil Godase.
The devotional songs are sung by Suresh Wadkar and Ajit Kadkade.
Music is given by Abhiram Modak, Vishwajit Joshi.

देखिये भक्ति और सिद्ध गुरु के ऊपर ये मूवी जो की अक्कलकोट के स्वामी समर्थ के जीवन पर आधारित है. ये सहज में ही चमर्कार कर देते थे और इनके समाधि लेने के बाद आज भी भक्तो को इनके दर्शन और इनके कृपा का अनुभव होता है. रोज हजारो लोग आज भी अक्कलकोट पंहुचते है स्वामी समर्थ का आशीर्वाद लेने.

Akkalkot Ke Swami Samarth Full Movie, watch miracles of swami samarth in this Bhakti Movie.

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