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Is Sugar Free Really Good For Health?

Is Sugar Free Really Good For Health, alert for diabetic patients, latest news on Sugar-free.

We cannot think about sweets without sugar, we use sweetener in tea, coffee, milk, making vegetables and in most of the dish to give taste, it is a good preservative too. But sugar is dangerous for diabetic patients and so they use SUGAR-FREE tablets or powder because this is a belief that this save them from the harmful effects of sugar.

is sugarfree good for health
alert for diabetic patients

But the main questions are that –

  • Is it really save diabetic patient from the bad effects of sugar?
  • Is it really helpful in weight management?
  • Is it good to use sugar free as a sweetner?

This article will be an EYE-OPENER for you.

Latest research on this subject has changed the view of scientist and people who are using sugar-free. The news is also published in reputed news papers like economic times, amarujala, patrika etc. Researchers have found that use of sugar free is of no use, use of this enhance the sugar level in body, so is dangerous for diabetic people.

The research made on rats and the results were shocking for everyone. Artificial sugar has not worked as per expectation and it enhances the sugar level.

As per, artificial sweeteners may not help with weight loss. The research, published in the journal The BMJ, also stated that there is not enough evidence on their safety. Increase in use of Sugar-free is only due to not having proper knowledge and to enhance taste in food but is dangerous. To better understand these potential benefits and harms, a team of European researchers analysed 56 studies comparing no intake or lower intake of non-sugar sweeteners with higher intake in healthy adults and children.

Overall, the results show that, for most outcomes, there seemed to be no statistically or clinically relevant differences between those exposed to non-sugar sweeteners and those not exposed, or between different doses of non-sugar sweeteners. For example, in adults, findings from a few small studies suggested small improvements in body mass index and fasting blood glucose levels with non-sugar sweeteners, but the certainty of this evidence was low.

In children, a smaller increase in body mass index score was seen with non-sugar sweeteners compared with sugar, but intake of non-sugar sweeteners made no differences to body weight. And no good evidence of any effect of non-sugar sweeteners was found for overweight or obese adults or children actively trying to lose weight.

Although use of non-sugar sweeteners as a replacement for free sugars, particularly in sugar sweetened drinks, "could be a helpful strategy to reduce cardiometabolic risk [chances of having diabetes, heart disease or stroke] among heavy consumers, with the ultimate goal of switching to water or other healthy drinks."

News taken from economictimes

So do think before using sugar free.

Is Sugar Free Really Good For Health, alert for diabetic patients, latest news on Sugar-free.

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