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5 Mysterious Places In Assam, India

India a famous for spiritual power and mysterious places, in this article we can see 5 mysterious places of Assam.
  1. Gold River In Assam- In actual the original name of this river is Subansiri and this is famous for the golden sand which found in this river. This was the famous place for gold miners in earlier days. It is a belief that there must be a gold field at the origin of this river. There are many stories attached with this golden river of assam(Subansiri) which you can hear in this video.
  2. Talatal Ghar created on 1769 by Ahom kingdom - This place was also used as a military station at that time and is made very mysteriously. one an easily lost in this place. There are secret tunnels and 3 floors built under ground which were closed due to safety reasons in these days. It is said that no body came out once enter in floors build under-ground. 
  3. Pyramids of Assam which are known as Maidam - We only know about pyramids of egypts but there some Maidam presents in assam which are made like pyramids in assam only difference is that bricks are not used here so from outside we can see a hill but inside there are rooms and all the things of kings. UNESCO has made it a World Heritage Site.
  4. Mayong(The land of black magic in assam)- Assam is famous for kala jadoo and this is the place where for decades dangerous black magics are done. watch this place in the video. It is believed that dangerous witches are present in these days too in the forest of Mayong.
  5. Jatinga Valley in assam- This is famous for some paranormal activities in some specific time. Scientists are also not able to find the exact reasons of these activities.

Watch the mysterious places In Video:

So India is full of mysterious places and we can find some hidden stories everywhere.

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