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Shopping Feature Launched by Google For Indians

Shopping Feature Launched by Google For Indians, How to market free of cost in google, benefits of blogging and online reputation.  Google has launched the shopping page for Indian Bazars which is definitely bring a revolution in online market. Shopping homepage offers products across Cell phones, electronics, Skin care, health and beauty,  etc. Besides this we can also choose specific categories products from ‘browse department’ category. google shopping platform Which categories we can get in Browse Category: Cell phones Speakers , head phones and headsets Men’s clothing Women’s clothing Books Watches Makeup Personal care Appliances Home Decor There is a SEARCH BAR given in google shopping page where one can perform search in hindi and English. Click here to visit google shopping page+ This AIM of Google Shopping is to support the entire retail ecosystem. Know some important questions and answer about Google Shopping: Q1. What is google shopping?

Part Time Or Full Time Work

Part Time Or Full Time Work for every one, Opportunity In India, Start your own work in India.   If you are unemployed and want to start your own work then here is an opportunity for you.  If you are fresher, house wife, professional and want to start any work to increase your income then this opportunity is for you.  earn from computer coaching An ISO certified institution Akhil Bhartiya Computer Shiksha Abhiyan(ABCSA) has launched special offer in this new year in which one can take franchise IN DISCOUNT and start own computer coaching center anywhere in India.  So if you are seeking to start your own project and having knowledge of computer subject like DTP, MS office, programming, animation etc then you can start your own computer classes anywhere in India by taking franchise of an ISO certified Institution. The franchise fee is very low and earning opportunity is great. The main thing is that there is no target and no pressure, one can work as per convenience

Cyber Crime Reporting Portal By Govt. Of India

Cyber crime reporting portal online, साइबर अपराध की शिकायत हेतु भारत सर्कार का पोर्टल, where to complain about objectionable content related to children and women. Cyber Crime Reporting Portal By Govt. Of India Indian government has started facility to lodge complaint about objectionable content Related to children and women. One can also track complaint status through this site, this is a very good step by government of India.  The main aim behind this online help center is to provide safety to women and children. At present this portal caters to complaints pertaining to online Child P*rn*graphy (CP)/ Child Sacsual Abuse Material (CSAM) or sacsually explicit content such as Rape/Gang Rape (CP/RGR) content. This site sent the complaint to the related police authorities of state. There is also option available for anonymous reporting as per the direction of Hon'ble Supreme Court.  Let’s know important point’s related to cyber crime reporting online through online

Mobile Stolen! How To Get?

Mobile Stolen- How To Get, where to complain if mobile is lost or stolen, complaint number of lost handset, मोबाइल चोरी या गुम होने पर  14422 हेल्पलाइन नंबर का प्रयोग करे, mobile theft helpline number.  आज हरेक के जेब में मोबाइल है और इससे भी बड़ी बात ये है की अब बैंकिंग सर्विसेज भी मोबाइल से हो रही है जिसके कारण हेकर्स और चोरो की नजर मोबाइल पर भी रहती है. how to recover lost mobile ये भी देखा गया है की मोबाइल चोरी होने की रिपोर्ट कराना बहुत मुश्किल होता है, बहुत प्रकार की कागजी कार्रवाई करना पड़ती है जो की सभी के लिए संभव नहीं होता है उस समय. इसी बात को ध्यान में रखते हुए सरकार ने एक बहुत ही अच्छा कदम उठाया है और एक नंबर जारी कर दिया है जिसमे कोई भी व्यक्ति कही से भी अपनी चोरी की मोबाइल की शिकायत दर्ज करा सकता है. अब कहीं भटकना नहीं पड़ेगा अगर आपका मोबाइल चोरी हो गया है तो. Read about how to control temperature of smart phones? फिलहाल इस सेवा का प्रयोग कुछ ही जगहों में किया जा सकता है परन्तु शीघ्र ही दुसरे जगहों पर भी इसकी शुरुआत की जायेगी. इस सिस्टम को धीरे-धीरे क

Everest 3D Videos- Watch your Dream Point

best routes of mount Everest in 3D If you love trekking and want to see the Everest in 3D then here are some best videos which will guide you and take you to the dream point. These videos were created using our 3D Mount Everest model and based on the latest satellite technology. The map includes the two most-travelled routes to the highest mountain on Earth, all historical routes and the most famous trekking routes in the Khumbu region. Red Bull - Base jump Mount Everest: Everest 3D - Classic Southeast ridge route: Everest 3D - Classic Southeast ridge route from 3D RealityMaps on Vimeo . Everest 3D - Northeast ridge route: Everest 3D - Northeast ridge route from 3D RealityMaps on Vimeo . Discovery - ascent flight to Mount Everest via southeast route: Everest 3D Videos- Watch your Dream Point