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Why Google Search Engine Is Best?

Why google search engine is best, It has finished all other search engines, best result provider online.

In this article we will know about history of search engines and also know how google has come to No.1 position now. 
Now search engine is part of our life and we cannot think our life without google. It has become our best friend.
Google has completed 20 years successfully  and become an important part of every human-being. 
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Why Google Search Engine Is Best?
Do you know there were many search engines before Google but they are now finished.

Only few people know about these search engines:

  1. The oldest searc engine is WebCrawler
  2. Lycos 
  3. AltaVista which is no more and is bought by Yahoo in 2003.
  4. Excite
  5. Yahoo search engine was founded in the year 1995. This is still working and comes after google. 
  6. Dogpile websearch is still working but not popular as comparison to google.
  7. Ask- This is also alive but not popular.

How Google become Best Search Engine?

In todays approx 90% search is done in google which is said to be the king of Internet. But this is not an easy task. This is possible only because of the TEAM which are working regularly to make Google best. Regular Research and development is being done to provide best to the world.
  • It is giving personal touch to everyone.
  • It is giving professional touch to everyone. 
  • Google is helping people making money online.
  • It is one of the best entertainer.
  • A 24X7 teacher.
There is changes in google algorithm regularly which is making revolutionary changes in search. This search engine provide results as per the need of searcher.

Do you know about Virtual Office?

What to learn from Google?

One thing which we can learn from google is that if we want to be in top then it is necessary to update our-self and also regular research and development is necessary. Gaining knowledge is never ending process and so do research regularly and provide the best to this universe.

If anyone is creative and hard working then no doubt google can give best.

Latest Trends in Internet:

  • Now blog is necessary for business development.
  • Now Online reputation management is considered by people. Before buying anything we search in google about it. 
  • There is a great scope for Search engine optimizer means those professional who know about how google work.
  • New concept of virtual office has come out which is possible only because of Google.

Now a new trend has come and that is…
How to be in the top search in google search…………….

Happy Googling from “"

Why google search engine is best, It has finished all other search engines, best result provider online.

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