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Doodle For Google Contest For Indians

Doodle For Google Contest For Indians, who can participate in contest, Age of participation, last date to submit entries, कैसे भाग ले सकते हैं गूगल फॉर डूडल कांटेस्ट में, कौन भाग ले सकता है, इनाम कितना मिलेगा. doodle contest Chance of winning 5 lakh Rs There is no entry fees to take part in doodle for google contest. But there is restriction of age group. Read here some details. Who Can take part in doodle for google contest? Only Indian school students. Parents/guardians on the behalf of child. Eligibility to take part in doodle for google contest? If you are student of class Ist to 10th and studying in india then you can take part in this contest.  Date of submitting Entries: The contest has already been started from 13th august 2018 and remain till 6th of october 2018. Only 1 entry is permitted per candidate.  Who is the sponsor of This contest? Google India Private Limited How to take part in this doodle for google contest? Just visit the followi

Whatsapp Hakers BEWARE!

Beware of whats app hakers Now a days many cases are emerging related to whatsapp hacking. With the popularity of whatsapp, now criminal minded people are trying to steal data from whatsapp to use it illegally to get there work done.  Now hakers are hacking whatsapp by giving opportunity to play in KBC and to win lottery. By hacking whatsapp they get the personal information of user and then they harass the person in different ways.  Cyber cell is working and awaring people about to save from hackers attack.  How hackers are hacking whatsapp? First of all they send details to participate in KBC or in lottery.  Then they declare that you are winner and then they ask for verfication code which come in mobile.  After getting the verification code , the hacker is able to run your whatsapp in his or her mobile. Thus hacker get the complete details of whatsap contact and group.  How to save ourself from Whatsapp Hacking?

How to make money with Youtube?

How to make money with Youtube, more ways to earn from you tube channel, steps to enter in youtube to monetize videos. How to make money with Youtube? Do You want to earn from you tube?  Here are some important things which must be kept in mind before proceeding for professional you tube publisher. You must be honest about your channel. You must be hard and smart worker. You must know, how to make public friendly videos. You must be consistent in publishing videos to increase viewers. If you are able to follow the rules and regulations of youtube then no doubt after sometime you will be able to earn good income from your channel.  It will be good to have 4000 views of your video and 1000 subscribers before applying for monetizing youtube channel. The team will check everything and then start serving ads on your videos.  Guidelines to Start Channel for Monetization:

Top Blogs Builder Online

Top Blog Builders for Small Business , top free blog builders online, free templates provider online.  By (Blogger) Top Blogs Builder Online Now a days blog is becoming necessary to promote any company, products or services. Without online presence it is difficult to make good will in these days.  But it is not possible for everyone to hire bloggers or developers. For those who are not able to hire blogger or developer  can also use the free resources available in Google.  You can make your blogs freely by using these free blog creators websites. There is no need to have knowledge of HTML, programming. Only you must know copy-writing articles and to edit images to publish.  Here are some benefits of Blog Builders websites: We can easily choose your domain name. We can choose best templates as per our need. We can choose mobile friendly template easily. It is very easy to upload video or photos.  We can also make shopping cart easily to sel

A New Way Of Online Black Mailing

A new way of online black mailing, a new way of cyber crime, Threatens by hackers to people who are watching P*RN sites, P*ornography phishing scam on internet, Tips To avoid Online Fraud. A New Way Of Online Black Mailing If you are P*rn watcher then you have to be careful now.  If you are Surfing for pleasure ! Beware of online fraud.  Hackers find out new way always to make money, in these days many cases of new fraud is seen. Hackers are blackmailing people who are surfing on Internet for pleasure and sex.  In this case Hackers demand the amount on BIT COIN. Some Cyber Frauds also seek information in the name of Income-tax department.  FBI warns about blackmail threats involving your porn surfing or infidelity Now It is necessary to take precautions while surfing on net. Nothing is easy and Knowledge can make you safe always.  Let’s Know some ways to Avoid Hackers: Here are some tips to surf safely on Internet. Do keep these points in mind while surfing whic