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What is Enema ? How To Do Enema ?

What is enema, how to give enema at home, a perfect way to clean colon, things/equipments needed for enema, how to prepare, safety measures, BUY enema kit online with cash on delivery option.
enema techniques in english for every one
Enema knowledge
  • Are you suffering from chronic constipation.
  • Do you want to get rid of gastric problems.
  • Are you not satisfied in the morning.
  • Do you think that toxins are creating problem in your body. 
  • Do you want healthy body and mind. 
  • Are you worrying about over all health.
Then no doubt enema will be one of the best way to fulfil your all healthy wishes.

Understand ENEMA:
We all pass through hectic schedule daily in which we eat and drink many things which are not hygienic and affect the body badly. We cannot ignore the presence of trans-fat in our body which is a basic source of diseases of many types. We often think to detoxify body so that to live a happy life.
In this context Enema is a very powerful and wonderful technique to detoxify body. It is a very good method to make our body free from unwanted materials, By this we are able to free our colon from the stools and toxins which don't come-out in normal flushing. 
It is also a good way of lubrication of intestine. For the decades this method is being used by scholars to keep the body fit and fine. Generally when a person heard about it first time then it not sounds good but when a person use it first time then the happiness seen in the face which shows that it is a perfect method to make our body healthy. 
It is used in ayurveda, allopathy, alternative therapies, prakrutik chikitsa etc so it is accepted in every segment of healing therapies. 

Things/Equipments Needed In Enema:
what is enema kit
enema kit
See the picture you will get details about what are the things needed, there is no complicated things, there is a mug, nozzle and a tube. By using these thing one can perform enema at home. 
Here the important thing is that while buying the equipment check the nozzle , it must not be very sharpen or rough otherwise it may affect the anus or colon. 
You can also use enema bag, steel enema mug, pinching pump etc. but the common is enema bag and enema mug which is available in any medical shop who provides general items related to medical, surgery, cleansing etc. Now a days you can also buy it on line.

Enema Solutions:
Now this is a very important thing that which solution is good for enema but the type of solutions depend upon the need of a person , the purpose of taking enema etc. For example if you are interested in colon cleansing then water or salt water is good, For treating different diseases herbal solutions can also be used in various ways. Please refer TYPES OF ENEMA SOLUTIONS to know more about solutions used in enema.
But use only pure water/filtered water/distil water.

Some Very Important Questions Related To ENEMA:
Is it safe to perform enema at home ?
yes, there is no problem at all if one can do it patiently and this is not a medicine but a natural process and a common process too. So by having knowledge one can easily do this at home without any hesitation.

When To Perform Enema?
The best time is to do it in the morning because that is the real time to get fresh and so whole the day one can feel fresh after cleansing of colon.

How Much Solution Is Enough For First Time User?
Actually it depends upon the state of body but one can start it with 500ml.

How To Prepare Ourself For Enema?
Actually the main purpose of this is to clean our colon and so it is suggested to perform fast for one day before taking enema for better result. Empty stomach enema will be the best way to get powerful results. 
Use fruits only before one day of enema and drink lot of water.

How To Make Simple Solution For Enema?
Salt water is a good way to clean colon and for this one spoon raw salt in 1 litre of water is sufficient. Stir it well and check the temperature of water, use water with comfortable temperature.

For how much time we can hold the solution?
The best answer is as much as you can and when you think that now it is not possible to hold it then evacuate. For the first time sometimes it is not possible for the practitioner to hold it for long but gradually one can increase the time.

What to eat after enema?
Since after enema stomach is empty , colon is clean and so it is not suggested to eat heavy and anything. It is sure that after enema one can feel the real hunger but it is advised to not make hurry and after taking rest then take juices or liquid in diet. The main reason is not to give pressure to digestive system after enema by taking heavy food. 
Don't use Enema In Following Cases:
  1. If any female is pregnant.
  2. If any one has passed through surgery.
  3. If any one is facing regular pain in stomach without knowing the reason.
  4. If any one is having heart problems.
In many cases it is necessary to consult a doctor before using this practice.
Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration, be healthy, be fresh and be powerful through enema.

What is enema, how to give enema at home, a perfect way to clean colon, things/equipments needed for enema, how to prepare, safety measures, buy enema kit online with cash on delivery option, Best shopping offer to buy enema kit.

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