Start Selling Using Google

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One of the best traffic source in our blog or website is Google. Today people are selling highly thorough google, this is one of the best business platform today. Shopping has become very much easy in now a days.
how to sell products through google
Start Selling Using Google
Website is a virtual office but a sound medium of business and trading globally.
Millions of users are searching for different topics in every seconds so there is a good scope in selling online.
A website is a beneficial for both small and large scale business, it is helpful in making image globally and also win the trust of people.

How to sell online through Google:

There are 3 special ways to sell products or services online-
  1. Through personal website or blog making
  2. By putting details of business or services in Google Business directory.
  3. Next is using Google Merchant directory which is a paid service of google.
If you have knowledge of copy-writing, basic html, designing then you can publish your business or services by using google business directory if not then do HIRE A BLOGGER and get publish your self globally.
There are many FREELANCERS available all around the world who are ready 24 hours to perform works professionally.
If you are going to use google merchant center then you have to signup for Adwords too so it may be costly for you.

How to make strategy to SELL via Google?

  • First of all do know your competitors means how they are selling, which keywords they are using, how they are delivering products etc.
  • Do make good design of your products, presentation is the first thing to create impression.
  • Hire a good blogger who know about SEO.
  • If you want to sell via google merchant center then do decide about your budget before using adwords.
  • Do describe your products with proper descriptions, image, reviews.
  • Use the easy platform to receive money from customers like as payment gateways or bhim app or paytm etc.
  • Also don’t forget to provide a valid email and contact number for communication. It is necessary and increase the faith among visitors.

How to Sell without Google?

If you don’t want to use google services to sell then there are other ways to make sales.
Sell using third party websites like Amazon, Flipkart, yahoo shopping etc.
There are other sites too which provide shopping cart and payment gateway. You can also take the paid services of those websites and build your own shopping cart. In this case you don’t have to think much about making website or blog.
Millions of people are searching amazon, flipkarts etc. regularly and there advertisements are going on regularly so you can get the benefits automatically.
So if you are eager to sell online then you can choose your own way a per your need, limitations, power etc.

Benefits of own Website or Blog:

  1. Personal blog or website is good for best impression.
  2. You can make changes as per your wish and demand in market.
  3. There is full control on terms and condition, delivery timing, working hours.
  4. You can get payment directly in your account.
  5. No need to pay any charges to third party.
  6. You can be your own boss every time.
  7. Good reviews of customers will enhance your business very fast.
Start selling using google, ways to sell online, google platforms to sell online, alternate of google.

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