Importance Of WILL Writing

Tips for WILL MAKING, significance of will making as per indian law

In India people hesitate to make will mostly in middle class but in present situation it is necessary to make will so that family may not suffer if any demise occur with the main person of the family. 

Traditional Thinking Related To Will:
  • There is a very lengthy process in making will. 
  • Why to think what happens after death?
  • I will prepare it after retirement.
  • My property and money will automatically transfer to my family member.
  • I have nomination. 
  • I am still young  
  • What my family members will think.
  • Why to waste time and money in making will? etc.

What is a WILL?
A will is a legal document made by a person stating that who will be the owner of his wealth after his or her death. 
It is very important for the family members and this document help in distributing the wealth properly without any issue after the death of main person of family. 

Let’s See the Significance Of A WILL:
  1. Person can clear about his or her all assets in document. 
  2. Person can choose successor as per his or her wish. 
  3. WILL helps to avoid any disputes among family members. 
  4. Tension-less life with peaceful mind.

Who Is Able To Write WILL?
  • The law is given in Section 59 of the Indian Succession Act. If you are above 18 years then you can write WILL.
  • It is also necessary to have sound mind if you are a will maker. 
  • Will-maker must not under any external pressure or threat or influence.

What things can be included While Making WILL?

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Movable property, immovable property like as cash, things present in home, cash in home, cash in bank account, Provided fund, shares, any business, any partnership in company, agriculture land, house, shop, land, jewelry, wealth of any kind etc. 

Let’s Know what is the general way of making WILL?
  1. There is no hard and fast rule of making WILL. You can make it on simple paper. But it is good to keep some points in mind while making will like as –
  2. Do clear properly that who will be the successor after your death, what is the relation of you with him or her, name of his or her parents, complete address. 
  3. Do give complete details of your wealth otherwise there may be chance of disputes after your death. 
  4. You can write WILL in any language. 
  5. Do take signature Of witness in every page of WILL with your signature. 

Let’s Know The Best Way To Make WILL:
  • Take simple paper.
  • Do write the details of your all wealth.
  • Do write that you are making declaration with your sound mind and you are not under any pressure. 
  • Do write clearly that who will get your wealth after your death 
  • Do take signature of 2 witnesses who know your writing and signature.
  • Do your sign and put your thumb impression. 
  • Do keep in mind that if any witness passes away then you have to make WILL again. 
  • Do Registered your WILL in Registrar office. After this your WILL will be fully legal. 
  • You can also declare in WILL that any unregistered WILL of your’s must not be validated. 

So by making WILL you can handover your wealth smoothly to your family members after your death. 

Pass your wealth easily to your family by making WILL.

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