How To Prevent Sim Swap Fraud

how to prevent sim swap fraud, how sim fraud takes place, prevention from sim swap fraud.
how to prevent sim swap fraud, how sim fraud takes place, prevention from sim swap fraud.
free tips to prevent sim swap fraud
Today mobile is a very important tool for every one because for every work , monetary transactions, dealing with any financial organisation, super market we have to provide our mobile number for security. So it is necessary to keep our mobile number safe and secure always. Our sim which is present in mobile is very important because it contains our mobile number and important information related to us. 
In these days hackers and negative minded people are also engage in swapping sim to access important information related to banks and financial activities. So awareness is only the key to prevent ourselves from sim swap fraud. 
In this article of Indian bazars we will find some important information related to sim swap fraud.

What is SIM FRAUD?
In these days one time password is necessary to perform any online banking transaction so fraudster first of all get the user name and password and then try to get the make a duplicate sim in which he may able to receive the OTP. This is sim swap fraud.

How To Prevent Mobile Sim Swap Fraud?
Here are some safety tips which will help every one -
If you find no network connectivity for long time, if you are not receiving any sms or calls for long time, if you are receiving numerous calls or sms suddenly, if you are having any type of doubt regarding your number, if you have received any suspicious call then it is good to take some quick actions -
  • Contact your service provider and ask about your number i.e. any swapping is done from any where or any other suspicious activity happened etc. 
  • Do not switch off your mobile.
Some More Tips To Prevent From Any Mobile Fraud:
  1. Register for email alert always too with the SMS alert so that we can receive information about what is happening with our bank account.
  2. Always check your bank transactions regularly.
  3. Also do not provide IMEI number of SIM to any one in any case.
What to do if SIM Swap Happened?
  • Do contact bank immediately and ask the manager to suspend any activity further in your account. 
  • Do lodge complaint in police station and contact cyber cell to track the number from where fraud has taken place. 
  • Change the mobile number with your bank account immediately.
Follow Some Rules Life Long:
  • Do not reply to any suspicious mail.
  • Do not share your number to unknown persons. 
  • Do not perform your banking activities from any cyber cafe.
  • Keep your computers, laptops, mobile virus free.
  • Use your debit or credit cards only at reputed stores.
  • Change your passwords regularly.
  • Be aware of phishing websites.
  • Be aware of the free services providing websites.
  • Keep away yourself from lottery,gambling, prone type of websites.  These contains malware, viruses which can be dangerous.
tips by indian bazars to stop sim swap fraud
free tips to prevent sim swap fraud
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how to prevent sim swap fraud, how sim fraud takes place, prevention from sim swap fraud.

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