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What is Enema ? How To Do Enema ?

What is enema, how to give enema at home, a perfect way to clean colon, things/equipments needed for enema, how to prepare, safety measures, BUY enema kit online with cash on delivery option. Enema knowledge Are you suffering from chronic constipation. Do you want to get rid of gastric problems. Are you not satisfied in the morning. Do you think that toxins are creating problem in your body.  Do you want healthy body and mind.  Are you worrying about over all health. Then no doubt enema will be one of the best way to fulfil your all healthy wishes. Understand ENEMA: We all pass through hectic schedule daily in which we eat and drink many things which are not hygienic and affect the body badly. We cannot ignore the presence of trans-fat in our body which is a basic source of diseases of many types. We often think to detoxify body so that to live a happy life. In this context Enema is a very powerful and wonderful technique to detoxify body. It is a very good met

Reliance Jio Coin! Beware Of This Rumour

Reliance Jio Coin! Beware Of This Rumour, reality of reliance crypto currency, why fake sites are made?, रिलायंस जिओ कॉइन! सावधान, रिलायंस जिओ कॉइन की अफवाहों से बचिए, जानिए सच्चाई. Reliance Jio Coin! Beware Of This Rumour In this online world we are seeing that any news become viral anytime, for some days a new RUMOUR is getting shared related ro Reliance Jio Coin. Different types of articles are present related to this reliance crypto-currency . Many investors are trying to find the reality behind this news.  In many websites, the news is published that Reliance is going to launch its own crypto-currency. Some cheaters has also made fake website to encash this news.  In , we are providing you the reality of this news and the reality of fake site.  Till now reliance has not announced officially that they have launched any crypto-currency. But they are working on presenting something new by using new technology and for what reliance is famous. Indian

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

What is affiliate marketing, how does it work, challenges and benefits of affiliate marketing, एफिलिएट मार्केटिंग क्या होता है, जानिए लाभ और चुनौतियाँ, कैसे काम करता है एफिलिएटेड मार्केटिंग?. A new trend in youth is seen in these days and i.e. making money online and there are various ways to do this. One of the best way to earn online is through AFFILIATE MARKET. Now there are many questions related to this like as- What is affiliate marketing? How can I learn to make money through this way? How can you become an affiliate marketer? How much money can I make every month through affiliate marketing? So in this article of, we will learn about this very interesting and important topic. What Is Affiliate Marketing? What is Affiliate Marketing? In simple language it is a commission earning work means to recommend someone from your link and when it is done, person get commission. We have often seen in these days that there are many sites recomm

How To Prevent Ourselves From MOBILE FRAUD

How To Prevent Ourselves From MOBILE FRAUD, how to perform secure mobile transaction, Free tips to prevent mobile fraud, smart mobile phone fraud. Mobile Fraud Prevention tips Mobile has become our necessity because now all the services are available through mobile so now with it has included in basic need. This is why we can easily see a person who is not able to get a healthy bread and butter is maintaining a mobile.  With the increase use of mobile FRAUD related to it has also increased too much. Now a very important question is what is "Mobile Fraud"? We can say that when anyone else take the advantage of our mobile against our wish in a tricky way then it comes under the mobile fraud. It is a crime which generally criminal minded persons performs to fulfil there wishes. Now a days no one is untouched from this type of scam, general people comes under the impact of this in any way.  Increase use of mobile banking, increase use of mobile shopping, increase

How To Prevent Sim Swap Fraud

how to prevent sim swap fraud, how sim fraud takes place, prevention from sim swap fraud. free tips to prevent sim swap fraud Today mobile is a very important tool for every one because for every work , monetary transactions, dealing with any financial organisation, super market we have to provide our mobile number for security. So it is necessary to keep our mobile number safe and secure always. Our sim which is present in mobile is very important because it contains our mobile number and important information related to us.  In these days hackers and negative minded people are also engage in swapping sim to access important information related to banks and financial activities. So awareness is only the key to prevent ourselves from sim swap fraud.  In this article of Indian bazars we will find some important information related to sim swap fraud. What is SIM FRAUD? In these days one time password is necessary to perform any online banking transaction so fraudster fi

How To Write Articles For Best Search Engine Optimisation

How To Write Articles For Best Search Engine Optimization, free tips to get organic traffic in google, Tips for copywriter, एस.ई.ओ. के हिसाब से कैसे लिखे आर्टिकल ब्लॉग के लिए, कैसे बढायें आर्गेनिक ट्रैफिक अपने ब्लॉग या वेबसाइट पर, कॉपी राइटिंग के लिए ख़ास फ्री टिप्स. How To Write Articles For Best Search Engine Optimisation If you are a blogger or a copywriter then this is a fact that you want to write articles as per google search engine so that it will comes in organic search. In-fact every blogger work too much to appear in search engine. Now its time to review the way of writing articles and again compel search engine to show our articles on top. Better SEO content will attract more readers which will enhance profit. Optimized contents are one of the necessary part of digital marketing and it is necessary to change the way of writing articles time to time to stay updated with technology. If you want organic traffic, you must write good articles and optimized with key

What is a Liquid Fund

What is a Liquid Fund Liquid fund is a very good way to increase our spare money and it is a better option in comparison with saving account.  Traditional Thinking of Keeping Money For Any Time Use: Keeping Money in Saving Account in Bank because there is a common thinking that we can take out money any time from saving account. Also there is no risk of blocking of money in saving account.  Next is keeping money at home.  Now A better Way To Keep Money For Any Time Use: Now we have a better option to keep our fund in LIQUID FUND where  we can get better return with safety of our money.  What is a LIQUID FUND? It is a category of DEBT fund which invests in short term securities like Treasury bills, commercial papers, term deposits etc. The maturity period of these securities is less and also they have no lockin period.  So if you are in a search of a fund which give better return, which has no lock-in period, and from where you can get money soon then Liquid

What is MARS In Mutual Fund ?

What is MARS In Mutual Fund ? If you are an investor and want to enhance your returns.  If you are an investor and want to minimize your risk of investment with high return.   As an investor if you are interested in AN AUTOMATED SYSTEM which manage your fund automatically then MARS is for you.  The full form of MARS is “Mutual funds automated re-balancing system”. It helps the investors funds as per market movement.  When market is in uptrend then funds are invested in equity and when market is falling then decrease the investments in equity. Thus help the investors to protect there investments with high return.  Let’s Know Some Important Features of MARS: Investors can get well diversified portfolios for investment.  Investors can get 2 broad sets of asset allocation Ist is DAA(Dynamic Asset Allocation) and 2nd is FAA(Fixed Asset Allocation) In dynamic asset allocation rebalancing is done on half yearly basis. In Fixed asset allocation rebalancing is d

Fixed Deposit Versuss Bonds

Bonds versus fixed deposits, Should one opt for bonds or fixed deposits?, Bank fixed deposits Vs Bond funds,  बांड बनाम फिक्स्ड डिपॉजिट, बांड या फिक्स्ड डिपॉजिट्स में से कौन सा विकल्प चुनना चाहिए ?, बैंक फिक्स्ड डिपॉजिट्स बनाम बॉन्ड फंड Fixed Deposit Versuss Bonds Many investors are confused at the time of investing funds due to lack of knowledge. Here in Indian Bazars it is necessary to take every decision by having proper knowledge of any product. So here in, knowledge of bonds and fixed deposits are being given. It will help investors to take best decision before investment. What is BOND? Bonds are debt instruments issued by corporate or public sector entities, like municipalities, state or central government entities. An investor can invest in bonds for a fixed time and at a fixed rate of interest. You can either buy the bonds at the time of their issue or from the secondary market where they are traded after issue. Bonds are commonly reffered