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How To Maintain Kidney Health

Importance of kidney, how to keep kidney healthy, treating kidney, what to eat for good kidney health.
Importance of kidney, how to keep kidney healthy, treating kidney, what to eat for good kidney health.
Free tips for kidney health
Kidney is a very important organ of body which help in detoxification of body. If power of kidney is affected negatively then give rise to many problems in life like B.P., vertigo, swollen, urine problems, weight-loss, loss of appetite etc.
It is necessary to maintain the health of kidney to live a healthy life.

Do you know how kidney health is affected:

  1. Over dose of medicines are dangerous for kidney.
  2. Regular using any medicine is also not good for kidney.
  3. Poor life style or unhealthy life style is also bad for kidney.
  4. Drug addiction of any type is also not good for kidney.
  5. Not drinking proper water is also harmful for kidney.
  6. Don't smoke if want to live healthy life.
As per research number of kidney failure is increasing regularly due to different reasons. The most dangerous thing about kidney failure is that the problem is not diagnosed in first stage and so doctors also called it SILENT KILLER.

Let’s See Some Symptoms Of Kidney Failure:

  • Loss of appetite happens if kidney is not functioning properly. Due to this person don’t get proper energy to perform daily activities properly.
  • High Blood Pressure problem arises because heart try to send blood speedily to organs for normal functioning.
  • Vertigo also happen due to kidney problems. As per research kidney failure decrease the amount of oxygen in mind due to which person faces vertigo problem, problem in focusing mind etc.
  • Swollen in legs, hands is also seen in patients of kidney problems. Kidney take out the extra liquid from body and when kidney not function properly then these liquid accumulate in different parts and swollen seen in body parts.
  • Sometimes blood also comes with urine due to kidney problem.

If any problem is going on for long time then do consult doctor and take proper treatment.

Let’s know some Natural Ways To Keep Kidney Healthy:

  1. Do include magnesium rich vegetables in food.
  2. Do eat white part of egg, fish, onions, strawberry, black berry, garlic etc in food to keep kidney healthy.
  3. Do decrease the use of sodium, extra protein, salt gradually which are not good for kidney.
  4. Do exercises daily to fit your body.
  5. Do include salads in meal which is good for kidney health.
  6. Do eat fruits daily to live healthy life.
  7. Do avoid fast food and packaged food.

Treatment Of Kidney Problem:

If anyone suffers from kidney problem then it is necessary to transplant it but it is not easy so till then patient can live normal life by having DIALYSIS in regular interval. Also do eat as per doctor advice.
So by adopting some healthy routine life we can keep our kidney healthy and live healthy life.
Remember precaution is always better than cure so change life style and change your life. Eat healthy and live healthy.

Importance of kidney, how to keep kidney healthy, treating kidney, what to eat for good kidney health.

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